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Dec 21,2020| LED Knowledge

  Over the last few years, we’ve been hearing more and more about new LED display technologies. But many people still don't know what an LED display screen is.

  so, What is an LED display screen?

  In fact, The LED display screen had long been in common usage.LED display screen is made up of a series of LED chips to range, it is also named as LED dot matrixes. The distance between LED chips is named as pixel pitch, for example, the P3.91 LED display screen with 3.91mm pixel pitch consists of several 3.91mm pixel pitch modules.

 p3.91 rental led tv screen
indoor p3.91rental-led-tv-screen

  For JYLED indoor LED display screen, usually includes rental LED display screen and fixed LED display screen, as the indoor space is smaller than outdoor, and visual distance is also shorter, most indoor LED display screens are to adopt the pixel pitch below 5mm, such as rental LED display. Usually, the most utilization for indoor LED display screen is P2.5, P3, P3.91, P4, and P5.

  Of course, the rental LED display screen also can be used for indoor at many times according to clients’ requirement, many large-scale temporary concerts always choose to run on outdoor because indoor has limited space. While Rental LED display is most used for stage performance, to add more abundant artistic styles.

indoor led basketball screen
indoor led basketball screen

  Regarding indoor LED display screen, the small pixel pitch LED display would be referred, the LED display which is to adopt P2, P1.875, P1.667, P1.583 is named as small pixel pitch LED display screen, most of the indoor projects would choose small pixel pitch LED display screen. LED display comprises of LED display system, HD display control system and the system of heat-dissipation, etc. As the pixel density of small pixel pitch LED display is high, the pixel dots of small pixel pitch LED display screen has more quantities, so its price is also higher than other kinds of LED display screens.

  Currently, small pixel pitch LED display screens are mostly utilized for indoor, it is still so few for outdoor, clients can choose different pixel pitch LED displays according to the actual requirement for indoor. For the clients who have abundant experience, they can estimate the actual pixel pitch when they get a project for indoor LED display screens; But for newcomers, they don’t know which pixel pitch would be adopted.

  In fact, for small pixel pitch LED display, they just have a difference for visual distance and screen brightness, it can be decided by clients’ budget and actual program, the smaller pixel pitch would be adopted if their budget is sufficient and visual distance is shorter, such as P1.583; If client’s project doesn’t have so high requirement to visual distance, such as some outdoor advertising screen, it can adopt slight bigger pixel pitch, such as P2. For the clients who don’t have any idea about how to select a pixel pitch LED display for indoor, you can contact us.

  outdoor advertising led display screen
indoor p3.91rental-led-tv-screen

  With technological improvement, the application of LED display has many advantages. Nowadays, many theaters or conference room choose LED display screens to replace traditional projection, to make their clients being able to watch more clear and superb movies. The picture display of LED screen has surpassed other traditional display devices, as full color LED display is formed by Red, Green, and Blue, it can display 16,777,216 colors, and LED is the most utilization and best lighting source in the current market, it is energy-saving and environmental protection semiconductor materials.

  Therefore, the LED display screen has got fast development and become mainstream in the market. For indoor LED display screen, it is more deeply to influence our daily lives, and for small pixel pitch LED display screen which is the main selection for indoor display screen project, also got dramatic development and utilization.

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