What is full color LED display brightness?

Mar 18,2021| LED Knowledge

  Full-color LED display brightness to identify level refers to the human eye can distinguish between the image from the black to the white brightness level LED display brightness grayscale level high, levels up to 256 or 1024, but due to the sensitivity of the human eye to full-color LED display brightness is limited, and cannot fully identify the grey scale For led display, the level of human recognition is the more the better, the brightness of the human eye can distinguish level, the more the led display color space, the greater the potential shows, colorful brightness identification level can be used to test the special software, general LED display brightness can reach more than 20 level is a better level.

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  Now some domestic control system supplier of gray level 4096 or 16384 grey level or higher size after nonlinear transform gray space that is the class of 4096 is to use the source of eight to 12 space nonlinear transformation technology, the class of 16384 is a nonlinear transformation technology USES 8 bit to 16 bit By the eight source for nonlinear transformation, the transformed space certainly bigger than eight source Generally at least 10 Like gray, this parameter is not the bigger the better, usually 12 can do enough transformation.

  Ambient brightness The brightness requirements for the LED display are as follows:

  1. Indoor LED display brightness is:800CD/M2

  2. Brightness of semi-indoor LED display is > 2000CD/M2

  3. Outdoor LED display brightness (facing south to north) :>4000CD/M2

  4. Outdoor LED display brightness (north facing south) :>8000CD/M2.

  LED display brightness range: generally indoor LED display brightness range is recommended in about 800-1200cd/m2, outdoor LED display brightness range in about 5000-6000cd/m2, and some places on the outdoor LED display brightness do limit for the display.

full color LED display brightness

  LED display brightness has a limit LED display brightness too high negative effects:

  How much brightness of LED display is appropriate, you can seek the opinions of LED display manufacturers, in the case of no negative impact on the LED display can withstand the maximum brightness, and then adjust.

  1. Affect the service life of the LED display: because of the brightness of the LED display and LED diode, the LED display in front of the factory, has set a diode physics brightness and resistance, so that when the higher brightness, the LED diode current is, the greater the leds will work under the overload situation, if in the long term, will accelerate the service life of LED lights and light attenuation.

  2. Power consumption of outdoor LED display: the higher the brightness of LED display, the higher the module current, and the greater the power of the whole screen, so the greater the power consumption.

  LED display brightness setting and protection:

  1. According to the environment to adjust the main purpose of the outdoor full-color LED display screen brightness adjustment according to the ambient light is weak, adjust the LED the whole screen brightness, the look is clear and bright and not dazzling Standard blue output of outdoor full-color LED display screen Because the brightness is based on the awareness of people eyes parameters, the human eye to different wavelengths of light perception is different, so just use brightness cannot accurately reflect the strength of the light, and with irradiation quantity as indicators of visible light energy security, should use the measured value of irradiance measurement equipment, as the interpretation of blue light output intensity will cause damage to the eyes.

  Outdoor LED display manufacturers and users should meet the conditions of display, reduce the blue output components of LED display.

  2.The specification of LED full-color displays of light distribution and direction Users should consider reasonable light distribution of LED electronic display, as far as possible within the scope of the viewing Angle of the LED output light energy uniform distribution in each direction, to avoid the small Angle leds LED display manufacturer direct human eyes should be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the specification design display, display screen output frequency meet specification requirements, avoid the screen flashing bring discomfort of the viewer.

  3,Express the safety measures in the manual will LED display manufacturer in the LED display in the user manual indicate the use the matters needing attention, show the right way to adjust the full color brightness, and look into the LED display screen for a long time may cause harm to human eyes When the brightness automatically adjust the equipment failure, may be manually adjusted and close the LED display.

  When encountering a dazzling LED display in a dark environment, self-protection measures should be: do not look directly at the LED electronic display for a long time or carefully identify the details of the picture on the LED electronic display, try to avoid the formation of bright spots in the fundus of the LED after the eyes focus, and burn the retina.

  4. Full color LED display screen to take protective measures in the design of the production process design and production personnel will be more than users frequently contact with LED display In the process of design and production need to test the LED overload running Therefore, design production staff is easier to expose under the strong light of LED display, more attention should be paid to and take special protective measures for process of production of LED display design In outdoor high brightness LED display production and testing process, relevant staff should wear brightness attenuation 4 to 8 times the dark glasses, can a closer look at details of LED display.

  In the process of indoor LED display production and testing, the relevant staff must wear black sunglasses with brightness attenuation of 2-4 times, especially in the dark environment to test the LED display staff, but also pay attention to safety protection, must wear black sunglasses before you can look directly at.

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