What is the P3.91 indoor full color LED screen?

Jul 19,2021| LED Knowledge

Indoor full-color P3.91 LED display large screens can be seen everywhere in our lives, such as meeting rooms, indoor stages, stadiums and other places. Indoor full-color P3.91 LED display large screen has good color consistency, high contrast, clear picture, low power consumption, low heat, energy saving and environmental protection; excellent heat dissipation design, small attenuation, long life. The vertical viewing angle can reach 150°, and the horizontal viewing angle can reach 160°. The dustproof and waterproof effect is remarkable, and the protection level can reach IP65; the signal and power supply are stable, and the indoor use is safe and reliable. So, do you know what are the characteristics of the indoor full-color P3.91 LED display large screen?

Indoor full-color P3.91 LED display large screen is playing some dance video

Features of indoor full-color P3.91 LED display large screen:
1. Ultra-clear display: The viewing angle is large, the display image is soft, and the perfect reproduction of the video picture can be obtained at any angle;

2. High efficiency and energy saving: using full-color LED display products, ultra-bright LED driven by low power consumption, energy saving ≧20% or more, with temperature control, display control, brightness control technology, and circuit with PFC design, overall energy saving effect;

3. High cost performance: to meet your pursuit of high-definition images while also having a good price, which greatly reduces your investment cost;

4. Easy to install and dismantle: Bolt fixing and connection, the whole screen is easy to install and disassemble, the box body is connected up and down, left and right with a quick locking mechanism, and the installation of a box can be completed in 10 seconds;

5. High protection level: unique cabinet design, in line with IP protection standards, outdoor led full-color rental display can meet outdoor installation and use;

6. High-precision seamless splicing: The splicing error between the templates is controlled within ±0.1mm for easy installation, and can be made into any shape according to the needs of users;

7. Low temperature rise: The box body of the outdoor full-color P3.91 LED splicing display large screen is made of all-cast aluminum, and the internal heat is fully exported through the shell;

8. Good performance: high refresh, high grayscale, shadow blanking, energy saving, low power consumption, low EML, anti-leakage, dominates the system's multiple redundant backups, and the module chromaticity correction point by point;

9. High stability and reliability: carefully selected raw materials, scientific design schemes, and rigorous manufacturing processes ensure the high stability and reliability of the outdoor full-color P3.91 LED splicing display large screen, which will bring customers Long-term benefits

10. The software operation is simple: the edited content of the computer is sent to the system control card, and the edited content can be displayed, and it supports multiple display modes.

the indoor full-color P3.91 LED display large screens are showing landscape pictures

Main application scenarios of Indoor full-color P3.91 LED display large screens:
Auditoriums, conferences, banquets, front halls, exhibitions and presentations, transportation, studios, command and monitoring, shopping centers, hospitals, banks, enterprises and institutions, exhibition halls, stadiums, ticket halls, hotels, customs, shopping malls, stages, auto shows, Airports, transportation, parks, TV stations.

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