Zhuhai port building outdoor LED display screen officially completed

Apr 08,2021| LED Knowledge

One belt, one road initiative, is jointly developed by Zhuhai port Holding Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhuhai port) and Shanghai Xijing Technology (Mdt InfoTech Ltd). The two sides will work together to promote the construction of the Bay Area in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, and help to upgrade and upgrade the smart port equipment, so that the logistics industry can innovate, cooperate and develop technology. Opening up and sharing development will further develop, so as to give full play to the leading and demonstration role of state-owned enterprises in the industry.

Zhuhai port building outdoor LED display screen officially completed

While the new system is online, another project is quietly underway. The project is to erect an LED display outside the building outside the building, mainly for commercial advertising and news media communication. This project involves the installation and commissioning of LED display screen. Therefore, before the formal installation, JYLED engineering team has made detailed and detailed on-site investigation and careful planning and layout from the dimension, angle and wire rod insertion of LED screen and building before formal installation, effectively ensuring the orderly construction,

Zhuhai port building outdoor LED display screen officially completed

In the construction process, the "scattered transformation collection" gantry crane provided by Zhuhai port is used for the first time. Gantry crane is a typical type of revolving boom crane with rail operation, which is short for its appearance like a door. In the past, when the workers installed LED display, they usually use the simple ladder of lifting type to transfer the goods, which is time-consuming and laborious. With the help of the machine, the time of goods transmission is greatly reduced, the efficiency is increased by more than 60%, and the time gap of goods transmission is reduced. The completion time is also reduced by about 37% compared with the expected.

In the future, JYLED will cooperate with Zhuhai port in depth, and will be deeply engaged in artificial intelligence output, so that the traditional LED display screen will be clearer and more realistic. For the core control card like computer CPU, it will also be made smaller and stronger. In the near future, we will interact with the LED display screen, and 360 ° immersion surround experience, Through the port like the world, will not be a dream!

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