What are the advantages of LED transparent screens?

May 26,2021| LED Knowledge

With the rapid economic development, LED display screens are now installed in many shopping malls. Nowadays, LED transparent screens in shopping malls are generally used for publicity and product promotion, creating a shopping atmosphere and regulating atmosphere. The emergence of transparent display screens with new advertising media The mall provides more options for transparency, coolness, fashion, and a sense of technology.

advantages of LED transparent screens

With the rapid pace of urban construction, the LED transparent screen is light and thin, does not require a steel frame structure, is easy to install and maintain, and has good permeability. It is very integrated with the glass curtain wall. It is not only invisible when applied to the glass curtain wall, but it is also more effective. Reflecting its fashion, beauty, and full of modernity and technology, the transparent led display is currently a display product that matches the glass curtain wall display. It is displayed through the cool video display of the transparent display, which can greatly attract the flow of passengers. 

So as to enhance the brand image and product attention, can promote the sales of merchants, therefore, LED transparent screen is one of the most popular products in the market. It is mainly used in commercial complexes, shopping malls, 4S shops, showcases, glass curtain walls, etc. Where there are glass curtain walls are the markets where transparent display screens exist. In many companies, they are constantly adjusting their strategies to actively respond to the current market environment. It is okay to highlight their own brand advantages through a certain market segment to find new ways of development.

advantages of LED transparent screens

Advantages of led transparent screen:

1. High permeability: As we all know, ordinary LED displays are opaque and have high permeability. The LED transparent screen has high permeability, with a permeability of more than 60%, and the screen display effect is very cool.

2. Low weight: The weight of a single box of a conventional led screen is generally more than 20kg. When the screen area is too large, it will challenge the steel structure of the screen and the original building structure. The transparent display screen, with a single panel weighing about 12kg, can be installed vertically and independently, and has very low load-bearing requirements for steel structures.

3. Beautiful: conventional LED display requires a large-scale steel frame structure when building, which is time-consuming and laborious and affects the shape and aesthetics of the building to a certain extent. When the LED transparent screen is installed, only a small amount of steel frame structure can be easily combined with the wall perfectly, without harm to the wall, and can also improve the overall aesthetics of its appearance.

4. Variable: When the conventional led display screen is used as a special-shaped product, due to the limitation of the structure of the led box, the splicing is excessive and unnatural, and there will be splicing. The transparent display screen can be customized and spliced into a perfect LED special-shaped screen, and the curved surface transition is natural and beautiful. It can be set into various special shapes such as cylinder, round table, triangle, and arc.

5. Convenient maintenance: The conventional LED large screen has problems, usually after maintenance, or the entire module or box is disassembled for repair. The LED transparent screen does not need to replace the entire module, just replace a set of light bars. Maintenance is done indoors, with high efficiency and low cost. Only one light bar needs to be replaced, the operation is simple and fast, and the maintenance cost is reduced.

Led transparent screen customization, transparent display application scene stage stage beauty The transparent screen can be built according to the stage shape diversified, using the transparent and light characteristics of the led screen body to produce a strong effect, making the depth of field of the entire screen longer. At the same time, it does not hinder the stage design to leave the space for the lighting to hang and play, and to give the stage a certain atmosphere and dynamics, and to express the theme more. 

The modern artistic beauty of large-scale shopping malls' transparent display screens is effectively combined with the shopping mall environment, and shopping malls and shopping malls glass partitions have a wide range of application prospects. The distinctive store image of chain stores can attract consumers to stop and increase passenger flow. The unique design technique allows the transparent display to replace the traditional LED display on the outer wall of the store, and the richer and more vivid video advertisements make the store extremely cool and eye-catching technology.


LED transparent screen in the application environment

1. Building curtain wall: The transparent LED display screen will be installed on the glass keel, and combined with the glass curtain wall, it can achieve a good advertising effect.

2. Space design: The led transparent screen can be customized in different shapes to meet different space requirements and achieve the effect of space beautification.

3. Exhibition display: Transparent display screens are used in various exhibitions, such as auto shows, conferences, etc., to promote products in an all-round way.

4. Window display: The transparent advertising machine hung on the window can play a good role in commercial publicity.

The emergence of new retail will inevitably promote the development of the commercial display market, and at the same time, it has also created a certain incremental market for LED displays. There is no doubt that the LED transparent screen is a dark horse in the subdivision field of the LED display screen, and its wide application is accepted by more and more users. 

This also indicates that innovation plays a key role in the LED display field. If transparent displays want to achieve further development in the commercial display field, they need to increase scientific and technological investment and innovation, and improve products according to the terminal needs of the commercial display market. The expansion of transparent screens will gradually accelerate, and it is expected to become an important development direction for the display industry in the future. 

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