What are the advantages of P8 outdoor led fixed large screen?

May 14,2021| LED Knowledge

If you have high-speed rail ads, then these benefits will be given to your household products! We all know that many brands need to be well-known now, and who prefers well-known products. For example, we need to buy a washing machine. Of course, many washing machine brands choose well-known ones, because most people are more interested in our more well-known products. , Their trust will increase a lot, so how do we start our brand? There are also advertisements. There are many ways.

High-speed rail advertisements and outdoor large screens are your brand marketing tools!

High-speed rail advertisements, outdoor large screens, LED large screens, high-speed rail media and other methods are possible. If you have high-speed rail ads, will your home furnishing products get benefits and advantages?

While digital information media has achieved accurate delivery, high-speed rail advertising media is also moving towards accurate communication. Facing the current market demand for precision advertising, high-speed rail media advertising meets the needs of brand marketing with its unique advantages and characteristics. The following small series will introduce you to the specific advantages of high-speed rail advertising.

One. Accurate audience

The audience of high-speed rail is mainly business travel, leisure travel, visiting relatives and friends and college students. It is currently the most important consumer group in the market. The majority of target audiences that advertisers serve for advertising are also such groups.

two. Wide coverage

According to statistics, the mileage of high-speed rail lines has exceeded that of ordinary trains. High-speed rail advertising media can achieve high coverage and high penetration across the country. Advertisers can choose whether to serve nationwide, to only radiate to a certain province or city, or to focus on a certain route according to their brand attributes. This is because the mobility of high-speed railways determines its wide coverage.

three. Compulsory communication

Compared with the active choices of media consumers such as television, newspapers, and radio, high-speed rail media advertisements have the ability to force audiences to spread and are the most "proactive" way of spreading. Consumers are forced to accept it and make consumers impressed by the brand through repeated periods of time.

four. Low interference

High-speed trains have low environmental interference. The environment inside the high-speed train is relatively quiet, temporarily isolated from the outside world, and the space is relatively closed. Except for the arrival announcement of the train crew, the interference level is almost zero.

High-speed rail advertising has the above four advantages. As an efficient advertising medium, it has gradually been favored by many advertisers.

So what procedures are needed to apply for the installation of a P8led fixed large screen outdoors?

With the rapid development of the Internet era and the coming of the Internet of Things, the application of LED displays is becoming more and more widespread, especially in outdoor advertising media. outdoor LED display What kind of approval procedure does the installation need to go through before the outdoor LED display advertisement can be placed normally?

Outdoor LED display installation procedures

Adjust measures to local conditions and set according to your advertising needs. Don't follow the trend blindly. For example, the front door of a small store only needs a small LED monochrome and two-color screen or full-color LED screen. No need to go through the procedures, just order the LED display and install it. If it is installed outdoors and used for outdoor media advertising, relevant procedures must be completed before the LED display screen is installed before it can be used normally.

1. To apply for outdoor advertising registration, the basic conditions for applying for outdoor advertising registration are as follows:

1. Obtain the business qualification consistent with the application project in accordance with the law, and have the ownership of the corresponding outdoor advertising media.

2. It meets the requirements of the local people's government and advertising management department for outdoor advertising setup planning.

Install the LED display and provide the supporting documents required by the outdoor advertising registration certificate

What are the procedures for outdoor LED display application installation

2. Provide the supporting documents required by the outdoor advertising registration certificate:

1. Business license;

2. Copy of advertising contract (original);

3. Copy of advertising business license.

4. Application form for outdoor advertising registration.

5. A copy of the agreement for the use of advertising space (original).

Install the LED display, provide a copy of the advertising website use agreement

Finally: three months after the outdoor advertising level, if it is not allowed to publish, you should apply to the original registration authority for the registration level.

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