What are the engineering advantages of small-pitch LED displays?

Apr 05,2021| LED Knowledge

  Small spacing LED display technology advance broke the LED display screen can only be used for further use the laws of stadia, with the improving of the degree of fine quality, high and low light grey technical problems such as cracking, small spacing of LED display in an indoor visual distance closer to engineering display areas, especially in the control room and other high-end display market launched a shock Indoor LED display the biggest competitiveness lies in the high density small spacing a seamless and display natural color is true.

  At the same time, in the later maintenance, the LED display has mature point correction technology, using more than one or two years display the one-time correction of the instrument can be used for the whole screen, operation simple, the effect is very good also Therefore, to evaluate the two words from the display quality, must be high density small spacing LED display is better than the DLP rear projection.Below will take you go deeper into the small distance between the LED display screen.

advantages of small-pitch LED displays

  Small pitch LED display features:

  LED display point spacing is small, small spacing per unit area of high resolution, can show a higher resolution image and video, also can show more video and image of the road, especially in the area of image matching, can achieve seamless and any large area of stitching LED display, of course, small spacing to achieve ideal display effect, leave the video processor.

  The small-spacing LED display video processor is the whole witness and key equipment of the birth, growth and maturity of LED full-color display. The advantages and disadvantages of the small-spacing LED display video processor directly affect the display effect of LED display.In many cases, the real-time integrity of signals will affect the accuracy of decision judgment.

  Therefore, users in the selection process in addition to considering the stability of the product, but also need to multiplexed input signal source real-time processing capacity, easy to use, specific application environment and other factors for a comprehensive investigation.So, from the user, how to choose a suitable processor?

advantages of small-pitch LED displays

  There are several factors to consider when choosing a processor:

  1. Can accurately reproduce the signal source in the system.

  2. Avoid small spacing LED displays with unstable video performance, as problems such as frame drop or freeze frame can distract users and hinder correct content analysis.

  3. The correct processor should be compatible with these sources.

  4. Consider flexibility in configuration. Due to the number of inputs in each project, the type of input and the screen arrangement of the tiewall will vary, the tiewall processor needs to be able to be flexibly configured to meet the needs of these specific applications.

  In recent years, with the semiconductor technology and production technology mature, small spacing LED display some spacing for a smaller and smaller. Density is higher and higher, the definition has been improving, the function of the small distance between the LED display screen and application fields are rich, is rapidly replacing traditional projection lamp display products such as liquid crystal splicing wall This no doubt on the machining accuracy and production technology of module of the display system has a higher requirement In the small spacing spread of LED display, high cost is not a permanent obstacle.

  From the perspective of long-term development, the application of LED display size small spacing and application cost is complementary to each other, even when they reach a state of balance, small spacing LED display will usher in the real application period Small distance between the LED display screen has a wide color gamut space and faster response speed, can realize the seamless splicing, arbitrary size modular maintenance.

  Small spacing LED display has a good market performance in recent years, and attracted many domestic manufacturers and integrators to join us .Of course behind the prosperous market, industry competition will be more and more prominent In order to seek the differentiation, relevant enterprises also pose a different development strategy, which LED to the small distance between the diversified development of the LED display market.

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