What are the factors that affect the service life of LED electronic screen?

Mar 17,2021| LED Knowledge

  With the continuous development of society, the LED display is quite common in our daily life But note that the LED display also has a limited life, if not reasonable maintenance and repair, the service life of LED electronic screen products are likely to be greatly reduced or even lose the value of using. For LED display, the life can be divided into the technical-economic life life life and the economic life of the average life expectancy products (also known as the value of life), is according to the product of upkeep and depreciation cost to determine, usually refers to the minimum average annual cost of products based on a life, economic life is used to determine the best depreciation period and the optimal timing of updated products;

  Technical life refers to the period during which a product has technical value, i.e. the whole period from the beginning of the use of the product to its replacement by a piece of new and more technologically advanced equipment. The length of technical life is determined by the speed of invisible wear of the equipment.

  Average life (also known as the average fault-free working time or MTBF) refers to the time experienced between two failures, is a statistical average, MTBF value is determined, usually using the theoretical statistical method and empirical statistical method, a theoretical statistical method is based on the actual situation of the device components and constraints, accumulated average data obtained;

  Empirical statistics are based on the cumulative average of factory or laboratory destructive records. So, the service life of the LED display will turn out to be affected by what factors?

  1. The internal factors affecting the service life of the LED display form a complete set of components:

  The influence of the LED display has many parts, switch power supply circuit board plastic shell casing, etc., any parts quality problems will reduce the service life of the LED display LED light source device performance: the influence of the LED lamp bead device is more closely associated with the service life of LED electronic screen parts Besides LED devices, LED electronic display also use many other peripheral components, including plastic shell switch power supply circuit board connectors.

  Chassis and so on, of any part of a problem, can reduce the service life of the LED display So, LED electronic display of the longest service life is made up of LED electronic display the shortest service life of key components, For example, LED switching power supply By 8 years standard metal shell material, and circuit protection process performance can only support the LED electronic display work for 2 years and 2 years after the LED electronic display will because of corrosion damage happen.

  2. External factors affecting the service life of LED display temperature;



  Corrosive gases;

  Electromagnetic radiation;



  3. The influence of the LED device performance LED light-emitting device displays is also related to the life the most critical parts, for the LED, we focus on the following indicators: attenuation properties and water vapor permeability properties Uv resistance attenuation is the intrinsic characteristics of LED electronic display screen brightness for 5 years for a design life of LED electronic display screen, if the brightness of LED electronic display screen used 50% of attenuation for 5 years, then when the design must be considered reserved attenuation allowance or 5 years display performance make sure those goals are met.

Color temperature chart

  And attenuation index of stability is also very important if three years LED electronic display stability index attenuation is more than 50%, which means that the life of the screen in the advanced end used for outdoor LED electronic display screen often will be affected by the erosion of moisture in the air, LED electronic display screen of the light-emitting chip in case of contact with water vapor may cause stress changes or electrochemical reaction leads to devise failure.

LED Light Strips

  Under normal circumstances, LED electronic display of the light-emitting chip is epoxy resin package so that the LED electronic display is eroded by water vapor, but there some design flaws or defects material technology of LED devices due to the sealed performance is poor, the water vapor to combining pin clearance or epoxy resin and shell the gap to the interior LED electronic display device, lead to device failure quickly, the industry is called "death light under ultraviolet light, LED colloid scaffold material properties will change, leading to cracking device, and then affect the service life of the LED.

  Therefore, the anti-ultraviolet ability of outdoor LED electronic displays is also one of the important indicators to prolong the service life of the LED electronic display.

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