What should I pay attention to when switching led electronic displays?

May 10,2021| LED Knowledge

In daily life, we often see led electronic displays. You may just pay more attention to what is displayed on the screen, but you don’t know that you don’t pay much attention when turning the monitor on and off. Next, let us understand together.


1. Switching sequence: Everyone must remember that when turning on the screen, you should turn on the screen first, and then turn on the screen. When turning off the screen, you should turn off the screen first, and then turn off the screen. Why are we asking this? Because first turn off the power of the computer and then turn off the power of the display screen, otherwise it will cause the main body of the screen to appear bright, which will cause the lamp to burn out and cause serious consequences.

2. Generally, the interval between switching screens should be greater than 5 minutes. After confirming that the computer has entered the engineering control software, you can open this screen.

3. To make better use of the display, it is recommended that users avoid turning on the screen in a full white screen state, because the inrush current of the system is very large at this time, and the screen is likely to be damaged. In addition, when the ambient temperature is too high or the heat dissipation conditions are not good, please be careful not to turn on the screen for a long time.

4. Here, I want to remind everyone that when a line appears on a part of the main body of the electronic display, it should be closed in time.

5. To use the product normally, if the power switch of the display screen frequently trips, please check the screen or replace the power switch in time. In addition, you must remember to check the firmness of the joints regularly. If it is found to be loose, please pay attention to timely adjustment, re-reinforce or update the hanger.

In short, if you want to extend the service life of LED electronic displays, we must be extra careful when using this product.

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