Common problems and best solutions for LED display control card settings?

Apr 25,2021| LED Knowledge

The LED display control card will encounter problems more or less in the setting, usually display problems, communication problems and many other problems. Below, Shenzhen Siweixin Optoelectronics will tell you the common problems and the best solutions in the LED display control card setting?

best solutions for LED display control card settings

One, display problems

The data is transmitted from the pin header on the control card to the pin header on the display, and it will be displayed when the power is on.

1. After the transmission is successful, the display screen will be garbled, garbled, and move regularly (you can't see the words)

Answer: This is a typical scan method selection error. You need to change the scan method. Set the screen parameters according to the environment. Normally 4 scans outdoors, 16 scans indoors. After changing the setting screen parameters, save and send successfully.

2. After the sending is successful, there will be a horizontal bright line on the display, and there will be one bright line every few lines.

Answer: This is because the direction of the cable has been reversed. It cannot be switched by pressing the test button on the control card. You need to connect the end that connects the display to the control card in reverse.

3. After the sending is successful, the display is black and there is no bright spot

Answer: First, make sure that the power is on, then press the test button to send the edited content in high profile and full screen. If the screen is still black, try each group of the control card's cable. Also check whether the brightness is adjusted to the darkest, and whether the outdoor LED display is connected to 08, if so, you need to change to 12 sets of pin headers.

4. After the transmission is successful, the display shows uneven brightness, one line is bright and one line is dark

Answer: This is because the OE polarity is reversed. You can change the OED polarity through the setting screen parameters in the software to save and send, or you can press the OE button on the hardware to adjust it (such as HT-3B, HT- 3BU card)

5. After the transmission is successful, the height or length of the display content is less than the actual width and height of the display, resulting in some random dots

Answer: It is necessary to check whether the actual display height and length of the dots (the number of lamp beads) are consistent with the dots in the setting screen parameters in the software. If they are inconsistent, adjust them and then edit and send them.

6. After sending successfully, the time is not accurate

Answer: When calibration, the serial communication directly clicks the calibration time in the software, and the U disk communication is set in the icon configuration and saved and then sent or the sub-directory of the U disk in the menu bar is set and sent

best solutions for LED display control card settings

two. Communication problem (serial port, U disk communication)

1. After clicking send, nothing happens on the display

Answer: First of all, make sure that the control card and control software match. The version number of the control software starting with HT is 2.1, and the software version starting with RH is 3.1.

2. After you click to send, it prompts that no card is found, please check the serial port and serial cable

Answer: 1) Generally, USB flash drive communication has nothing to do with the communication line in serial communication, so you can send it directly to the USB flash drive, don’t worry about it.

2) Check the power supply, whether the control card is energized

3) Confirm whether the two ends of the communication line are connected firmly, and whether there is bad contact in the middle, if any, it needs to be soldered with an electric soldering iron and separated by insulating glue

4) In the software menu bar-communication, find "Serial Diagnosis", check whether the computer port is available, if it is not available, you need to change the port or computer, if it is a USB to serial cable, you need to install a USB driver.

5) The straight line starts with RH, and the communication line starts with HT. Check the 2.3.5 three ends to see if they are all connected.

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