What are the characteristics and functions of wedding LED display?

Mar 30,2021| LED Knowledge

  Wedding LED display is in the wedding ceremony, can present the wedding or new MV shooting wedding video equipment in today's LED display effect is used in all walks of life, according to the attributes of the industry is different, have different features and use With small spacing in recent years the rapid development of LED display, in addition to the commonly used class meeting stage, also extends to wedding LED display LED display, combined with color screen, penhui yarn went, replace the stillness of the flower the gauze curtain with dynamic screen background, use flowery stage lights instead of static general lighting, will become the mainstream of the wedding stage in the future.The following will tell you more about the wedding LED display.

Wedding LED display

  Wedding LED display features:

  1. System design: advanced and reasonable, stable display effect, easy installation and maintenance.

  2. All-weather work: vivid color, high refresh frequency, anti-static, dustproof, good heat dissipation effect and high cost performance.

  3. Display mode: move left and right, move up and down, open and close flicker in the right and left curtain, etc.

  4. Play: With the program editing and playing software, you can edit, add, delete and modify text, graphics and images by the mouse. The arranged content is stored in the control card, and the information is displayed in an automatic cycle according to the program table.

Wedding LED display

  According to the type of wedding video, you can use the wedding LED display for the following three kinds of video playback:

  1. Background video: mainly used to create a scene and set off the atmosphere;

  2. Viewing video: is mainly used to give you to enjoy, commonly used to shoot MV new wedding photos growth process album or video, the use of LED large screen to play in advance for the new MV, guests and distant guests can not be present at the blessing, new house, license and other video, so that the wedding culture connotation more profound;

  3. Ceremony video: LED large screen is connected with the wedding scene camera equipment, through the LED large screen on the wedding details, guests can more clearly see the details of the wedding, the wedding viewability is stronger, on-site guests can feel the happy process of the bride and groom through a clear picture.

  The function of wedding LED display screen

  1. Before the couple to the hotel, you can play the electronic album composed of the couple's wedding photos and growth history.

  2. After the couple to the hotel, the wedding LED screen will immediately play the wonderful moments of the couple's wedding reception. Guests on the scene can feel the happy process of the couple's wedding reception through the LED clear picture.

  3. At the wedding ceremony by wedding wedding part matching with LED display playback of dynamic and static images, these images can be film material, also can be the first a good video, also can play 3 d and 2 d animation, make the wedding more beautiful, wedding scene setting, make the wedding more touching, make the guest more beautiful enjoyment.

  4. Use the wedding LED display screen to play the MV produced in advance for the new couple, the blessing of the guests and the guests who cannot be present in the distance, the layout of the new house, the scene of the license and other videos, so that the cultural connotation of the wedding is more profound.

  5. The wedding LED display screen is connected with the camera equipment at the wedding scene. Through the wedding LED display on the wedding details, the guests can see the details of the wedding more clearly, so that the wedding viewability becomes stronger.

  6. Through the advanced digital cutting and broadcasting system of the wedding LED display, the couple can see the wedding ceremony CD immediately after the wedding banquet.

  Wedding LED display of the stage arrangement: generally in the middle, or left and right sides Will the wedding LED display in the middle to make the line of sight of the audience most stays on the screen, more conducive to build atmosphere, ceremony variability will be stronger Wedding of LED display application makes the wedding of sleek, warm and a sense of ceremony, will be the happiness of the couple and guests greatly increased Therefore, in the wedding wedding configuration LED display is a wise choice.

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