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Dec 21,2020| LED Knowledge

  For those who are just beginning to contact LED display screen, how to choose the right LED display screen is a very headache. In fact, as long as we know a little understanding of the basic knowledge of LEDs, it is very simple to select the appropriate LED display.

led display pixel pitch point
led display pixel pitch point

  For LED display, then pixel pitch can play a significant role in determining it. It is a electronics unit that is used to determine the LED display image tiers and to signify the resolution and image quality . It enables LED display manufacturers to distinguish themselves from the competitors.

  Other than that, buyers need to consider the following equation in order to come up with the right LED display screen,JYLED collect the basic knowledge of resolution and pixel pitch:

  What is Pixel Pitch?

led display Pixel Pitch
led display Pixel Pitch

  The distance from the center of the LED matrix to the next LED matrix, besides, below, and above it measured in millimeters (mm) is referred to as pixel pitch. These packages are usually mounted on backplates and circuit boards, which are called modules.

  These modules are grouped together to create larger display surfaces that are required for the LED rental screen, Fine-Pitch led display, and LED video walls. As for the cost, the wiring, manufacturing process, and tiny LED lights in the modules are the important components.Display and Pitch resolution.

  For display assembly, the footprint of video walls is closely connected to the pixel pitch of the LED display screen. This idea is especially important when a person has to create rental led video walls with specific resolutions, like a 4K large presentation screen.

  Nowadays, common specifications are as follows:

Specifications size point IC model IC 
Small spacing LED display screen
P1.25  30S 200*150 19200 6153 120
P1.56  32S 200*150 12288 6153 72
P1.667 30S 200*150 10800 6153 72
P1.875 32S 240*120 8192 6153 48
P1.923 26S 200*150 8112 6153 63
indoor LED display screen
P2 32S   128*128 4096 6124/6126 24
P2 32S    256*128 8192 6124/6126 48
P2  40S 320*160 12800 2063 60
P2.5 32S  160*160 4096 6124/6126 24
P2.5 32S 320*160 8192 6124/6126 48
P3 32S   192*192 4096 6124/6126 24
P3.076 26S 320*160 5616 6124/6126 42
P4 16S 256*128 2048 5020/2028 24
P4 32S 256*256 4096 6124 24
P4  20S 320*160 3200 5020/2028 30
P5  16S 320*160 2048 5020/2028 24
P5 16S 320*160 2048 5020/2028 24
P2.604  28S 250*250 9216 2037/6124 54
P2.976  28S 250*250 7056 16017/6126 54
P3.91   16S 250*250 4096 16017/6126 48
P4.81   13S 250*250 2704 16017/6126 48
outdoor LED display screen
P2.5 16S 320*160 8192 6124 96
P3  16S 192*192 4096 6126 48
P4   8S 256*128 2048 6124 48
P4   10S 320*160 3200 6124 60
P5   8S 160*160 1024 5020 24
P5    8S 320*160 2048 6124 48
P6   8S 192*192 1024 5020 24
P6   8S 192*192 1024 5020 24
P6.67   6S 320*160 1152 DP5020 36
P8    5S 320*160 800 DP5020 30
P8   4S 256*128 512 5020 24
P10     4S 320*160 512 5020 24
P10     2S 320*160 512 5020 48
P2.976  28S 250*250 7056 16017/6126 54
P3.91   16S 250*250 4096 16017/6126 48
P4.81   13S 250*250 2704 16017/6126 48
P5.95   7S 250*250 1764 6124 54


  How to Calculate Total Pixels in an LED Display Screen?

  Well, the entire process is quite simple: if someone wants a 3 by 1m IP68 outdoor led screen, then he/she will have to start-off with converting the dimensions into square meters, by getting the product of base and height. So here, it will be 3m2 for an LED screen. The next step is to find the pixel pitch that will be the product of pixels per m2, which is almost 30,000 pixels.

led display Pixel Pitch
led display Pixel Pitch-1

  e.g. 2 and 2.5, how to choose?

  LED display manufacturers agree on the fact that buyers are more focused about getting LED display screens having 2mm to 2.5mm pitch. The reason behind is the balance created between budget practicalities and viewing needs. However, in a case where there is not much viewing distance or high resolution is required, 1.5mm pitch would work perfectly.

  At last

  For LED display screen, LED display pixel pitch is an important factor to affect its selling price. They always focus on whether the picture articulation is good or bad because it dictates their viewing experience and the possibility of coming back to the manufacturer in the future.

  JYLED led display manufacturers are following the above facts, it's still making efforts to improve their LED technologies in order to come up with better and more efficient display screens in the future.

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