How to choose the right window LED transparent screen?

May 12,2021| LED Knowledge

The window LED transparent screen has high transparency, innovative video design, and dynamic effects of cool technology, which enhance the image of the store and attract customer traffic. Many jewelry stores, automobile 4S stores, and brand clothing stores have already used such products. How to choose a high-quality display window LED transparent screen?

window LED transparent screen

Window LED transparent screen function

1. Attracting eyeballs: high technology makes glass transparent media in seconds

2. Selling goods: straightforwardly stimulate the desire to buy

3. Information release: Solve the pain points of nowhere to put sales information

4. Fixed advertising: the window becomes a fixed advertising space

The big element, teach you how to choose the appropriate window LED transparent screen"

Window LED transparent screen selection items

1. Ambient brightness

If it is a window facing the street, it is recommended that the white balance brightness of the transparent screen should be above 4000cd. If there is direct sunlight at the window (the highest requirement for the brightness of the screen at this time), and there are higher requirements for the display of the window LED transparent screen during this period, the white balance brightness needs to be set at 5500cd, or even more than 6500cd.

If it is an indoor shop window in a shopping mall, the brightness can be reduced. The ceiling is the atrium of the shopping mall with glass curtain walls, and it is recommended to be around 3000cd; the ceiling is opaque for entities, and the indoor illumination of the shopping mall is brighter, 2000cd is recommended; if it is the window glass in a darker environment, you can choose 800-1000cd LED transparent screen.

2. Configuration requirements

It is not the quality of a big factory that is necessarily good; the quality of a small factory is bound to be poor. The core depends on the raw material brand of the transparent screen (lamp beads, power supply, IC, etc.), and the factory's familiarity with the transparent screen. Budget is very important. Maps should not be cheap. It is still necessary to comprehensively consider the budget and your own expectations.

3. Whether to customize

Most of the window glass has been designed or installed, it is difficult to support the rework and replacement of the glass. The standard box size of the window LED transparent screen is 1×0.5 meters, which does not necessarily meet the window size. At this time, you need to customize the size, and the cost will be higher.

4. Keel requirements

The display window LED transparent screen keel is hidden behind the display surface and will not cause damage to the screen, so most projects do not need to pay attention to the keel. However, when the screen is not lit and the backlight is strong, the keel is visible. Therefore, some projects require reducing the number of keels, reducing the width of the keel, or even hiding the keel. Lianman Optoelectronics can achieve a maximum of 6m without keel, but the cost will be much higher.

5. Whether corners and radians

Some showcases involve angled splicing of the left and right sides of the glass, such as right-angle splicing. Or it relates to curved showcases. At this time, it is the best choice to choose a transparent screen with positive light emitting technology, and the cost is much lower than that of side light.

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