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Mar 02,2021| LED Knowledge


  A led video wall is made up of several displays, these displays, the video wall looks like a whole. in fact, isn’t continuous. The led video wall is equipped with an input that receives images from multiplexed sources which are de-multiplexed using a de-multiplexer. The number of cables in the led video wall is greatly reduced and the number of images that can be simultaneously displayed on the wall is increased using the multiplexed sources.LED-Video-Walls-In-Houses-Of-Worship

  Another advantage of them is that they are cost-effective and sustainable. The ability to capture the attention of the congregation is significantly improved while leaving a lasting message. Although used in the shelter, they can also provide digital signage throughout the facility. In addition, the walls of the church can attract more people to the church.

  The benefits of LED church walls

  They also spend 40-50% more energy than projectors, so instead of concentrating only on upfront costs, they should also consider additional costs. They are also brighter and easier to see at the meetings and they also last two to three times longer than the projector. The decoration is quite expensive, including high ceilings and altars that are traditional, while LED video walls will immediately modernize the overall appearance of the church. Before installing the church-led wall, there are some things to consider, such as the size of the screen, the location of the screen, the surrounding area and so on.


  The size of the church-led screen you use can be what you like, but the purpose of what you need determines the appropriateness of the size. If you use it to welcome your church or convey some messages, it will be larger than when you use it to display menu videos on the counter. The visibility of your led Wall is also very important, if its purpose is to welcome, then it should be visible to every visitor. In addition to indoor devices, possible outdoor devices should also be considered, and the location visible to more people should be preferred.

  As for whether the walls of the church are upright or installed on the wall, and how to hide the power cord or burn it down, because they may cause accidents, the installation plan should be considered carefully. The inspection of the surrounding area of the LED wall display should be carried out thoroughly inside and outside the church and wherever it is located, if there is a lot of natural light interference, and how it works in this case because this is very important for the video wall outside the church.

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