How to solve two common problems with LED displays?

Apr 06,2021| LED Knowledge

  In recent years, the LED display screen has been widely spread in our lives, streets and buildings, LED display is up to the visible object Therefore, if you want to have better LED display, and persistence to master some common problems of debugging and repair method is necessary The following will introduce you to several common LED display problem and attach a simple solution.

common problems with LED displays

  LED display appears flashing:

  1. Driver loader is wrong

  2. The cable between the computer and the screen is too long or the cable is faulty

  3. The sending card is broken

  4. If the control card is broken, you can check the small light on the control card. If it is not on, it is broken

  5. Short circuit between the power supply and the control card

  6. The output voltage and current of the power supply is not stable. The power supply with control card should not take too many boards

  To deal with the LED display flashing solution: if it is the whole screen flower dot figure shadow button, generally is the driver loader is wrong, recheck the driver loader, really not uninstall reinstall;

  Another possibility is that the sending card is broken and needs to be replaced.

  If the flicker is irregular, it is generally a system frequency problem, then it is necessary to replace the system, or adjust the setting parameters;

  If it's a little bit of flickering state, it could be a problem with the graphics card driver, or the resolution setting of the sending card.

  Is another possibility, the power supply (power supply is insufficient, information clutter, electromagnetic interference), and to consider when designing PCB power supply and signal line wire diameter, and the PCB production process If words with flashing (text with irregular white edge around, irregular, and text disappeared disappeared after), the graphics Settings, cancel in display attributes, "show hidden shadow under the menu", "edge effect of smooth transition".

common problems with LED displays

  LED display produces molar pattern:

  1. Two stripes with slightly different spatial frequencies have the same black line position on the left. Due to different intervals, the stripes can not coincide gradually to the right.

  2. The two stripes overlap. The white line can be seen on the left side because the black line overlaps, while the white line is gradually misplaced against the black line on the right side, and the overlapping result becomes completely black.

  3. The full color LED display screen line phenomenon process produces Moore: full-color display pixel distribution density of interval between CCD can distinguish, inevitable digital camera will decipher the part can identify as a result, but will also add cannot identify grey terrace zone, and can form regularity of the two lines, response is periodic ripples on the vision.

common problems with LED displays

  Elimination of LED display molar pattern method:

  1. Change the Camera Angle Since the Angle at which the camera is shooting an object causes molar ripples, slightly changing the Angle of the camera can eliminate or change any molar ripples that exist by rotating the camera.

  2. Change camera position Changing the Angle relationship by moving left or right or up and down reduces molar ripple.

  3. Change focus Excessive focus and high levels of detail can cause molar ripples. Changing the focus slightly can change the clarity and help eliminate molar ripples.

  4. Change the focal length of the lens can be different lens or focal length Settings to change or eliminate molar ripple.

  5. The front lens filter is directly installed in front of the CCD to make its exposure conditions meet the spatial frequency, which thoroughly filters the high spatial frequency part of the image and reduces the chance of molar stripes on the LED display screen, but it will also synchronously reduce the sharpness of the image.

  6. Use software such as Nikon Capture or PS plugins to eliminate any molar ripples on the final image.

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