How much does it cost to customize cylindrical LED profiled screen?

Mar 15,2021| LED Knowledge

  In recent years, the cylindrical LED abnormal screen has become public information applications often use. The cylindrical LED display screen displays special creative quality excellent results and can realize content customization, for people to better show the required content provides a very convenient. Because the cylindrical LED abnormal screen can display different content according to different demand information, so people can be customized to satisfied the needs of different users of information presentation. Crystal full-color company for you to create high quality, safe and reliable full color LED HD display, to let you better understand the cost of customized cylindrical LED heterosexual screen, will do the following introduction:

LED flexible large screen for supermarket new year in 2018

  1.Determinants of cylindrical LED screen price:

  a cylindrical LED abnormal screen cost For cylindrical LED abnormal screen, the price is the higher part of the screen, because the screen is the most important part of the screen, in general, the price of 8 into the left and right sides, are cylindrical LED screen body abnormal screen by screen module, power supply box wiring of the power cord In addition to module cost use lamp bead quality stand or fall of on any account, chip prices are different.

Outdoor ring LED display

  2.Cylindrical LED special-shaped screen large screen control system:

  Cylindrical LED abnormal screenplay generally divided into synchronous and asynchronous control two asynchronous control found in single and double color LED display, and synchronous control applied in the field of LED full-color display synchronous display system is based on computer synchronous mode, the screen connected to a computer with Internet, synchronization system is composed of sending card receiving card, outdoor display area usually adopt a sending card under 80 square meters, and 40-50 receiving card (two cases), indoor LED color screen relative system cost is a bit high, because its pixel density is much higher than outdoor electronic screen.

Construction site of LED flexible screen in shopping mall

  3.Cylindrical LED special-shaped screen display accessories:

  Cylindrical profiled screen LED electronic display screen to work properly, not only need LED display, need some accessories, these basic parts are computer (desktop) air conditioning (heat dissipation is very important) arrester distribution ark audio power amplifier (optional) TV card (optional) multi-function card (physical data can automatically adjust the screen brightness temperature humidity) video processor (optional), etc. The cost of accessories is often very different according to the choice of different, one of which may differ by several thousand yuan, because the display manufacturers are only purchasing on behalf of others, and do not produce relevant accessories, so most of the accessories are recommended to customers to buy locally.

Construction site of LED flexible screen in shopping mall

  4.Steel structure foundation frame of four cylindrical LED special-shaped screens:

  Cylindrical LED shaped screen general installation is divided into wall-mounted floor inlaid column roof type we now see the more LED electronic screen, whether high-rise building wall attached to the large screen or indoor background wall LED electronic screen, are fixed by the steel structure. Especially large outdoor led advertising display, for security reasons, very tall to the requirement of steel structure, steel structure-based framework is second only to the led display screen body parts cost, outdoor common wall steel structure factory customized price between 1200-1500 yuan/square meters, indoor wall led machine structure cost is controlled in 600 yuan/square meters, Optimus prime type fixed cost of steel column base of 2000-2500 yuan/square meters.

  5.Cylindrical LED abnormal screen logistics transport installation:

  To protect the safety of the goods, all goods are pearl cotton wrap the cartons should be done in wood processing, and cooperate with reliable logistics companies face at home and abroad The final step is to screen installation and debugging, we can assure you that we will send experienced Skillful professionals to the installation site to assist the installation, and operation personnel for the customer provide the one-to-one or one-to-many professional technical training, to ensure smooth cylindrical LED abnormal screen of normal use.

  6.Note for acceptance of six-cylinder LED profile-shaped screen:

  Check the size of the LED full-color display module and the pixel density of the LED screen (the number of pixels per square meter of each model LED screen is different, customers can call for a consultation if they are not clear), confirm the model of full-color LED display, to avoid some bad manufacturers to replace columns;

  Check whether the net display area of the LED display screen is up to standard against the contract. The net display size refers to the effective display area of the LED screen, excluding the size of the outer frame or the edge;

  Check whether the number of LED full-color screen accessories is consistent (send a card, receive the card, power box, etc.);

  Whether the full-color display back-up supplies match (to daily maintenance, regular manufacturers will be equipped with display unit module power supply cable and other back-up supplies);

  To confirm whether the LED display chip products are the brand written in the contract, you can ask the manufacturer to issue the purchase certificate of LED display beads.

  7.Performance and characteristics of seven cylindrical LED special-shaped screen:

  The use of energy-saving IC, low heat, not easy to weld;

  LED screen shape is not limited, optional soft module splicing large screen, arc cylindrical spherical triangle, let your LED display full of creativity;

  The wavelength error of red, green, and blue is within 5nm, and the color is uniform without a flower screen;

  Positioning to ensure the flatness of the box splicing;

  CNC finishing forming, size to 0.01mm. Assembling precision 0.1mm, to achieve seamless splicing.

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