How to debug P8 full color LED display?

Mar 19,2021| LED Knowledge

  P8 outdoor full-color LED display, also called outdoor waterproof LED large screen hd LED display, etc The P8 outdoor full-color LED display is the most common outdoor P8 outdoor full-color LED display, LED screen, point spacing is 8 mm, conventional LED module size is 256 * 128 mm, body size according to the size of the module, as well as the size of the scene design, the most commonly used size is 1024 * 1024 mm P8 full-color LED display is the resolution of 128 * 128 P8 LED display 256 level gray adjustment and correction function.

P8 full color LED display

  Its super gray scanning technology makes the refresh speed greatly improved, the display effect is more clear and stable, no trailing flicker phenomenon, can be long distance control transmission of various display information;

  P8 LED display debugging has a high refresh rate and high gray, so that the display screen is more realistic, can better meet the commercial requirements of high visual quality;P8LE display can be displayed all day long and can adapt to all kinds of harsh outdoor environment;The whole screen of P8 LED display has good balance, which can cover more than 75% of the colors of the naked eye, up to more than 16 million colors. The following will introduce more specific operation and instructions for you:

  Hardware installation steps for P8 outdoor full-color LED display:

  1. Insert the DVI display card into the motherboard AGP socket, and then set the driver;

  2. Insert the data card into the PDI socket on the motherboard (this is for users with data card);

  3. Link the two controls DVI and AGP installed above together;

  4. Connect the control line with the serial port (RS232);

  5. Connect the receiver card with a network cable;

  Specific number according to the engineering drawings);

  6. Check the connection is correct before setting or power-on debugging.

  P8 LED full color display software device methods are as follows:

  1. Graphics driver installation: the graphics driver disc inserted into the optical drive, can automatically enter the device state, please follow the prompts to operate the device can first DirectX8.1 and then install the driver;

  Finally device control panel.

  2. Playback software: device LED electronic display dedicated playback and setup software LED Studio, or other control software will be attached with the screen application software CD-ROM inserted into the optical drive, copy or install all the sequence onto the computer.

  3. After debugging is completed, the debugging and placement of P8 LED display screen is completed.

  Introduction to outdoor installation of P8 LED full-color display:

  1. Do a good job of the steel structure of P8 outdoor full-color LED display. Common installation methods of steel structure include single column and double column hanging wall installation, etc.

  2.The factory will provide all the accessory screens needed for the installation of P8 outdoor full-color LED display, including the connected power cord, cable, box buckle, fixing screws, etc. When installing, pay attention to the bottom of the first row must be level, and try to balance

  3.In the details of the gap should pay attention to waterproof, the key is to fill the gap.

  Product advantages of P8 LED display:

  1. P8 LED display LED video control system with double backup system, in case of failure, customers can switch to the backup system;

  2. Our company will also provide customers with relevant maintenance spare parts, all of which are modular design for after-sales maintenance;

  3. Tailored the most appropriate P8 LED electronic display solution according to customer requirements and site environment;

  4. The controllability of P8 LED display from material to finished product, from research and development to production, is the guarantee of product quality and reliability;

  5. P8 LED display screen with high precision size, body of geometry shape and dimension design deviation is only 0.02 mm, so P8 LED screen after assembly, uniform clearance, the entire screen will appear very smooth, the overall picture displayed better

  6. P8 LED display of a variety of shapes: can be made into a rectangle A square circular arc and other custom design modelling

  7. P8 LED displays the installation of the steel structure framework: P8 LED display for light steel frame, the corresponding part adopts chemical riveting bolt rivet head steel beams as supporting structure, P8 LED display with riveting fixed steel plate and steel frame are connected together

  8. P8 LED display USES is nonlinear correction technology, which makes P8 LED display shows more exquisite and image clarity Animation is more vivid and varied and made smooth more lifelike video effect

  9. The P8 LED display system works stably and reliably with strong anti-interference ability, which can work continuously for more than 72 hours. The control system software operation interface is humanized design, which is relatively simple to operate.

  10. P8 LED display screen is in the middle and high-end configuration, which makes the P8 LED display screen performance more stable, better flatness.

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