How to define the price of led electronic display?

May 26,2021| LED Knowledge

The price led electronic display of is an art, but also an expression of wisdom. The price game is so unpredictable and so charming. It can make you rejoice, and it can make you miserable. It can be ever-changing, constantly permuting and combining, and it can also be used to solve the battle in the simplest and most direct way.

LED display "price" you don't know

When LED screen manufacturers are repeatedly caught in the dilemma of price wars, how should we understand the familiar and unfamiliar term "price"? When our LED electronic displays are repeatedly faced with complicated PKs, should we reconsider The definition of "price"? When the profit of our LED products disappears in the market game after another, have we thought about the true connotation and extension of "price"? When we are finally entangled with it to the end— —Actually, it is because we have not discovered the "secrets" of those LED display prices.

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What is the "LED electronic display price"?

The price of led electronic display should be a sign of the identity of the LED display manufacturer. What is your background, what is your pedigree, and which grade you belong to at a glance. Through price, you can advertise your prominent market position or maverick temperament; through price, you can also appropriately express your amiable side. Who do you want to work with, through the price, it is easy to brand a class.

It is also a communication tool. When your LED products continue to generate new value additions, they will eventually arrive at the terminal. Price, this time is the most direct way for you to communicate with customers. This has nothing to do with the bombardment of advertisements, the powerful functions of LED products, or even the satisfaction you provide to customers. Price is the most sensitive nerve in consumers' minds. What customers care about may be exactly that string of numbers. If you want to express and convey to them, everything will be clear. Of course, if you want to please them, there is nothing more interesting than a reduction of 2 yuan.

LED electronic display price

It is also a competitive weapon. By manipulating the price of the led electronic display, you can easily hurt your opponent, and you can easily be hurt by your opponent-or even self-injury. Sometimes, you can’t even decide how much you should sell for your LED display, LED lighting and other products, because your opponent has set a benchmark for you, making you at a loss; Create an airtight industry barrier to discourage opponents. The price will make your city impenetrable, and it can also be defeated by a single blow.

Ultimately, LED displays should be a lever in the display market. A surprising price may be enough to let you move the market. More importantly, there is an incredible balance at both ends of the price. We are constantly pursuing the maximization of profits, but you have to make a difficult choice between profit and the market: if you want a market, then you must sacrifice profits in most cases, use low prices to cause your share to continue to expand, and make money at a loss;

To make a profit, your high price may lose competitiveness, but in the end you still cannot guarantee profit. But if both ends are balanced, the product quality of the LED display will decline as a result, then all assumptions will lose all meaning, you must be the first to stabilize your quality. Therefore, we often fall into this confusion: Where is the equilibrium point of this lever?

So, when the price is PK price, how to play it?

The situation determines the strategy: how LED screen manufacturers respond to price wars

Under different circumstances, even in the same LED display customer, the factors affecting the price will change. This is not only the difficulty of price strategy competition, but also the charm of price strategy competition. The competitive situation has a decisive influence on pricing. LED screen manufacturers must consider the dynamic environment and the power balance between competitors in order to find the correct pricing strategy. So, how should manufacturers use the competitive situation to formulate price strategies?

LED market leader pricing strategy

The goal of the LED market leader should be to maintain its dominant position, and pricing is an important means to maintain its dominant position. Leading companies have to deal with the challenges of competitors in the industry on the one hand, and on the other hand they have to block the threat of new entrants. Strategic pricing strategies are an important means to achieve this goal.

After entering the display market, some LED companies have been adopting the penetration pricing method, mainly occupying the market with low LED electronic display prices. When other LED display companies enter the market, they have no choice but to follow in terms of product sales prices. Due to their small market share, they need to do more promotions to attract consumers.

Perhaps some companies have not been profitable for several years after entering the display market. This is the success of the LED display company's pricing strategy. The characteristic of this strategy is that when you are in the market leader position, you can take the initiative to lower prices and compress the living space of competitors, thereby ensuring your dominant position.

In addition, this pricing strategy can also maintain the company's leading position in the industry by reducing the value of industry investment and increasing market entry barriers. If other LED display companies enter rashly, they will face very large operating risks.

The quality of the LED display is everything

Of course, while we continue to ponder the price system of LED electronic display screens, what cannot be ignored is our most solid backing-product quality. From various marketing strategies, it can be shown that the marketing effect brought by reducing product prices is far greater than other various means, and this price reduction strategy must be integrated with the quality of the product itself, so as to be true and firm.

Honesty, and win-win situation can make the market more sustainable and healthier for a long time. Don't lose yourself for temporary benefits, otherwise you will be quickly eliminated by the market!

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