The difference between HD full color P4 LED screen and P3

Mar 04,2021| LED Knowledge

  The difference between P4 and P3 HD full-color LED display

  In recent years, full-color LED displays have entered the field of indoor high-definition displays and can be said to be a leader in the field of high-definition. According to current visual display standards, it is ideal to use a P4 led display for 1 square meter, and P3 is also a good choice for groups who pursue higher-definition visual effects. At present, the resolution of P3 has reached 25,000 points within 1 square meter. Next, let us have a more systematic understanding, what is the difference between indoor P3 LED display and indoor P4 LED display?

HD  full color P4 LED display screen

  1.The p-value of P3 and P4 is the distance between two pixels or lamps (in mm). As the name implies, the dot pitch of P3 is 3mm, and the dot pitch of P4 is 4mm. Therefore, in the same area, P4 will have fewer dots than P3. A conventional LED display with 1 square meter area has approximately 62500 P4 pixels, while there are 111111 on P3.

  Similarly, because the points of P3 and P4 are different, the module sizes of P3 and P4 are also different. Generally, the module size of P3 is 192*192mm, 192*96mm, and the module size of P4 is 256*128, 128*128, 256*256, 320*160.

  2.The smaller the full-color LED display dot pitch, the higher the pixel, and the better the screen resolution. However, the smaller the dot pitch, the difficulty of production will also increase. Therefore, the price of P3 will be higher than that of P4 for the same body type and configuration.

  3.However, the greater the distance between the points, the farther the suitable distance is. There is a commonly used formula to calculate: best viewing distance = point spacing/(0.3 to 0.8), this is a possible range. Daily experience tells us that the viewing distance of P4 is 5 to 13 m. Within this viewing range, the effect is better and it is sufficient for daily reality applications. Of course, if you want to make the display better within this distance, you can also choose P3, but the corresponding budget will be higher.

  JYLED reminds you that when choosing a suitable display, you must consider the viewing distance and the area of ​​the full-color LED display, price, price and other comprehensive factors. It is recommended that you choose the display product that can meet the daily practical application is the best.

HD  full color P4 LED display screen

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