what's the difference between LED conventional screens and LED rental screen?

Jun 21,2021| LED Knowledge

Regarding LED conventional screens and LED rental screens, sometimes we always talk separately. So what is the difference between LED conventional screens and LED rental screens?

LED rental screen is also called rental LED display, LED display rental, because it is sometimes used on the stage, so it is also called LED stage rental screen, stage rental display. Compared with fixed installation screens, the main difference between LED rental screens is that they need to be frequently moved, repeatedly disassembled and installed, so they can be used for stage performances and literary scenes. Therefore, the requirements for products are higher. In terms of product shape design, structural design, The selection of materials is exquisite.
LED rental screen

There are three main differences between the two:

1. Conventional installation screens are installed sequentially, with standardized sizes, while LED rental screens require easy and repeated installation, disassembly, and transportation. The staff can quickly complete the work and reduce the customer's labor costs;

2. The LED rental screen has a strong resistance to slight bumps in transportation and handling, and the size should conform to the loading system of the transportation tool, especially the transportation across continents, which is greatly different;

3. Because of the need for frequent transportation, the design of the LED screen itself must be strong enough to withstand transportation, otherwise it is easy to collide during the transportation process, causing damage to the LED, and even a broken LED light will affect the overall effect.
p3.91 LED rental display

When providing LED rental screen services to customers, the difference between LED rental screens and fixed installation screens is that once the fixed installation screens are installed, the effect is immediate, and the rental screens must show perfect display effects throughout the concert. , This is also a point that customers value.

The above is the difference between the LED rental screen and the conventional LED display. I hope it will be helpful to you when purchasing the led display. If you have any other technical issues related to the led display, please feel free to contact us by email. Email: sale20@sz-ledscreen.com

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