How is the display effect of the P6 outdoor 3D LED display?

May 19,2021| LED Knowledge

Recently, the Chengdu TaiKoo Li spaceship became a hot topic on the network, and the place became one of the landscapes of many online celebrities. This video showed a dynamic spaceship with a real 3D effect, which created a shocking visual effect. It almost looked like watching a science fiction movie in outdoor conditions.

According to this project, we can be aware that the sensory experience is becoming a necessary index of LED screen development. As one of the main applications of LED screens, the stage rental application can not leave the sensory experience too. For example, the LED screens on the Spring Festival Gala 2020 especially focus on audiences’ visual sensory experience.


P6 outdoor 3D LED display


The “Visual Sensory Experience” is a word with abundant meanings. To realize this function, technology and creativity are necessary factors. The “Chengdu TaiKoo Li Spaceship” was created by LianTronics and FLINT WALK.

The huge screen was created with LianTronics’s P8 LED display, and with a total size of 912.92 sqm. LianTronics adopted the 90° seamless module corner technology, the outdoor high brightness wide viewing angle display technology, and the high-resolution light absorption mask technology. All of these features gave a new visual experience to the whole exterior wall. The FLINT WALK was in charge of visual art, which met the focus point of contemporary young people.


P6 outdoor 3D LED display


Due to the development of 5G and AR/VR technology, people began to pursue a higher display effect in recent years. They were not limited to the traditional flat display, but a 3D, HD, and interactive visual sensory experience.

Although the outdoor 3D display technology appeared early, the public knew because Samsung created the “Wave” screen in Korea. This screen simulated the effect of the waves rolling in the building. And via audio to give people an immersive experience.


P6 outdoor 3D LED display


Because of the exposure of these popular outdoor led display projects, the outdoor led screen began to appear in audiences’ sights. The LED display companies also began to be aware of the importance of creativity (Video).

No matter how advanced the hardware technology is, if the screen doesn’t have good creativity, it can not fully display the advantages of the LED screen. As the 5G and 8K technology become more and more popular, the future of the LED screen will also be promising.

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