What are the types and features of small spacing LED display screens?

Apr 05,2021| LED Knowledge

  There are many kinds of LED display screen classification, roughly divided into: single/double color full-color conventional abnormity. Ordinary type LED small spacing and COB LED small spacing is small spacing distance under the p2.5 screen collectively, COB is designed for small spacing p1.0 the following custom, single and double color is initially used to show subtitles shuffling, conventional and special-shaped small spacing LED display can display the selection of the shape to meet the need of users, special-shaped modelling can imagine custom, regular shape is square.

features of small spacing LED display screens

  Main features of small-spacing display screen:

  1. Adopt modular unit design, the whole small-spacing LED display screen can truly achieve seamless splicing.

  Especially for news features or video conferences, the characters are not segmented by patchwork.

  At the same time, Word, Excel and PPT, which are often played in the LED display room environment, will not be confused by patchwork and table separation line.

  2. The color and brightness of the small-spacing LED display screen have a high degree of consistency and uniformity, which can be corrected point by point.

  Small spacing LED display can avoid perfectly flat stitching, DLP projection fusion, LCD/PDP splicing widespread use will come out after a specified period of dark corners, the phenomenon such as dark side, especially for the meeting show often to play in the visual analysis of charts, graphs, etc. The pure color content, small spacing LED display program has incomparable advantages.

  3. The brightness of the whole display screen can be intelligently adjusted from 0~1200cd/ m2, which can fully adapt to various indoor display environments.

features of small spacing LED display screens

  Small pitch LED display performance features:

  1. Energy saving: the wick of the small-spacing LED display is a cold light source, relying on semiconductor light emitting, ultra-low power,1000~2000 lumens/watt, light source life of 10,0000 hours, light decline 5%~10% semiconductor lighting itself without any pollution to the environment, compared with other full-color LED display, power saving efficiency can reach more than 95%.

  Under the same brightness, the power consumption is only 1/10 of ordinary incandescent lamps and 1/2 of fluorescent lamps.

  2. Healthy: the small-spacing LED display is a green light source, DC driven, no strobe;

  No infrared and ultraviolet components, no radiation pollution, high color rendering and has a strong luminescence direction;

  Good dimming performance, color temperature changes will not produce visual error;

  Cold light source calorific low, can safely touch small spacing LED display can not only provide a comfortable lighting space, but also can well meet the needs of human physiological health, is a vision protection and environmental protection health light source.

  3. Small space LED display is small in size, light in weight, encapsulated with epoxy resin, can withstand high strength mechanical impact and vibration, not easy to break, the average life of 200,000 hours, the service life of the lamp can reach 10~20 years, can greatly reduce the maintenance cost of the lamp.

  4. The small spacing LED display screen has practicality, which can ensure the normal lighting is used up, ensure the light health and eyesight protection, the lamps and lanterns are firm, and the line safety switch is flexible.

  5.Small spacing LED display screen is decorative. The decoration of small spacing LED display screen is reflected in three aspects: one is ornamental, the lamps and lanterns are beautiful in material, unique in shape and novel in color.

  Two is the coordination, the display form is carefully designed, can be coordinated with room decoration, furniture furnishings, when the lamps and lanterns modeling material and furniture type material consistency, can reflect the artistic conception of the house owner;

  3. It is outstanding individual character, illuminant colour builds a certain kind of atmosphere by people need, be like ardent, composed, comfortable, hallow, auspicious and so on outstanding building host is opposite the particularity that the lamp acts the role of a requirement, reflect different individual character.

  An in-depth understanding of the classification and characteristics of small-spacing LED displays can help users to provide more effective assistance when purchasing LED displays.

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