Why are fine-pitch LED display products more and more popular in conference rooms?

Mar 06,2021| LED Knowledge

  In recent years, with the increase in market demand and the technological improvement and upgrading of LED display products, fine-pitch LED display products have become more and more common in our daily lives and work areas. Many companies have replaced projectors with fine-pitch displays, so conference screens are becoming more and more favored by many companies in the field of work.

fine-pitch LED display products

  Fine-pitch LED display products refer to indoor LED displays with a pixel pitch below 2.5, P2.5, P2.083, P1.923, P1.875, P1.667, P1.56, P1.25, P1. 0 and other LED display products.

  So, what are the advantages of fine-pitch LED screen applications in conference rooms?

  1. Seamless

  Due to the close splicing between the modules, the whole screen can be realized with a seamless effect that is almost imperceptible to the naked eye. When used in a remote video conference, the face of the person is clearly displayed and will not be divided. When playing various WORD, EXCEL, PPT and other files displayed in the conference, there will be no intermixing of seams and table dividers, resulting in misunderstanding of the content.

  2. The color and brightness of the whole screen are consistent and uniform

  Since the fine-pitch Led display products adopts modular combination and can realize point-by-point proofreading, after a long period of use, there will be no inconsistencies in color and brightness between modules, or even darkened edges, and local color blocks will be darkened. The screen height is the same. Completely avoid the vignetting, dark edges, "patch application" and other phenomena that are common in projection fusion, LCD/PDP flat panel splicing, and DLP splicing within a certain period of time, especially for "visualized" analysis graphs, graphics, etc. in the conference display "Pure color" control.

  3. Adjustable brightness range (0~1200cd/㎡)

  The fine-pitch LED conference screen can usually adjust its brightness in a larger range, which makes it possible to adjust the normal display regardless of whether it is in a bright environment or a dark environment. Coupled with low-brightness and high-gray technologies, high definition can be achieved at low brightness. In contrast, the brightness of projection fusion and DLP splicing display is slightly lower (the brightness in front of the screen is 200CD/≧400CD/≧), and it is difficult to meet application needs in large conference rooms and conference rooms with bright ambient lighting.

  4. Large color temperature adjustable range

  Similarly, fine-pitch Led display products can adjust the color temperature of the screen in a larger range, and support wide-area adjustment of the color temperature from 1000K to 10000K. For applications that require high color accuracy, such as studios, virtual simulations, medical, etc. Meteorology and other fields can ensure the accurate restoration of images.

  5. Wide viewing angle

  Fine-pitch Led display products usually have a wide viewing angle of nearly 180°, which can meet the needs of large conference rooms and conference halls for long-distance and side viewing.

  6. High contrast, high refresh

  Fine-pitch Led display products can present images with higher definition and richer levels, and there will be no smear and other phenomena in the high-speed motion picture display.

  7. Ultra-thin cabinet

  Compared with traditional DLP, projection fusion and other methods, fine-pitch Led display products save more space. In the same large size, it is more convenient to ship than LCD.

  8. Long life

  Fine-pitch Led display products can run uninterrupted for 24 hours, and usually have a long service life of 100,000+ hours, which can effectively reduce later use and maintenance costs and reduce the workload of maintenance personnel.

fine-pitch LED display products

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