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What are the advantages of flexible LED soft module and how to apply it?

Flexible LED soft module is compared with the conventional LED display module of conventional LED display module made by the board and PCB and pan mask, with no flexibility In radians problems, bending or can’t use, or the need for special process such as cutting Angle to make, which can lead to make sharp increases in the cost of the corresponding LED display, and can produce the special process of the current market level is not perfect.

The development of flexible LED soft module successfully solved the above problems, flexible LED soft module is also known as LED flexible module and LED soft module, because of the high softness of the module can be folded, can also be bent, so that its market share has been greatly improved. The next will be for you to better understand the flexible LED soft module for a detailed introduction.

Flexible LED Soft Module
Flexible LED Soft Module

LED flexible screen (LED soft module) advantages:

1. Soft, light and thin, suitable for any bending effect;

2. Flexible, light, easy to install and maintain;

3. Bending, folding, winding, hanging, etc., freely combined into a variety of shapes, artistic and creative;

4. The scene application is not restricted, and the creative effect is good;

5. A wide variety of products, a variety of models for choice;

6.PCB is made of flexible plate, rubber is used for mask and bottom shell;

7.360-degree visual Angle, fully show the streamlined appearance, can be seamless stitching;

8. High gray scale, high refresh, higher clarity and energy saving picture.

Where can flexible LED soft modules be used?

1. Arc screen

Curved LED Display
Curved LED Display

If it is within the arc LED display and smaller radian is relatively easy to do, just need to make display of steel structure at the same time will be within arc LED display to make the shape of the arc, and can be installed with conventional indoor display module, But if the radian of inner arc is larger, or outer arc LED display, so using conventional LED display module is unable to complete, then using the flexible LED soft module will greatly improve the efficiency of the production of LED display.

2. Cylindrical screen

Flexible LED Displays Are Used To Display Advertisements Inside Shopping Malls
Flexible LED Displays Are Used To Display Advertisements Inside Shopping Malls

Most of the hotel, conference room, the lobby bar etc. Have many pillars are cylindrical, the pillars will be designed to display, play some video ads to enhance the grade of the decoration or a special atmosphere.

3. Waves, ribbons and other special shape:

The Mall Uses Creative LED Displays
The Mall Uses Creative LED Displays

The location of the wave and ribbons, and other special shape will often use innovative idea to strengthen the sense of the atmosphere of festival or activities, make people have immersive feeling, greatly improving the user experience.

Various uses of flexible LED soft module:

1. Soft flexible LED module in terms of decoration, very suitable for use in a dark slot lamp pool lights, the dark slot out in indoor smallpox condole top lighting should be continuous and uniform can show the quality, this can be achieved with flexible LED lamp belt, but flexible bring to install LED lights very straight to luminous uniform, the use of its installation fixed relatively trouble, but with high pressure lamp belt and unsafe, and need to add a set of wires with low-pressure lamp belt along the lamp with power supply wiring section, trouble and cost of material work, and clean easily damaged in the future.

However, the flexible LED soft module is used for direct pasting installation, easy to achieve continuous flat, no matter sticking to the side wall or the bottom surface, all kinds of light control can be innovated at will.

2. In terms of outdoor landscape lighting, flexible LED soft module is very suitable for building contour lighting outline and lakeshore square line lighting. Usually, the guardrail pipe will make the joint gap bigger and can not do seamless continuous connection;The use of high voltage LED lamp belt, rain and fog wet weather will have a potential safety risk of leakage;

Flexible LED Module Installed On The Square Effect
Flexible LED Module Installed On The Square Effect

With the low-voltage LED lamp belt, every three to five meters to do a connection end, the operation is troublesome and will increase the probability of failure. However, the flexible LED soft module is directly pasted and installed on the surface of the object after cleaning, and can be easily installed without playing screws or mounting clips.

Because the flexible LED soft module can be freely bent, it can also be continuously arranged in the corner along with the square and circle, tightly arranged, so that the light is continuous and uniform.

3. Soft LED module is used for lighting words and lighting paintings, which is very suitable for these types of temporary advertisements. LED lamps are used for lighting words and lighting paintings.

LED tube torsion is strong weight, directly used for soft materials will make the material fold deformation;The LED lamp is powered by strong electricity, the internal structure is fragile and vulnerable, and the fire hazard is big. Lighting words and lighting painting with traditional LED modules, modules need to be one by one with nylon tie, labor cost materials;

The module structure is hard and brittle and easy to be broken. In order to prevent the packaging from breaking, it can not be tightly installed, and the lighting is uneven. The number of serial connection is small, the joint cost more labor cost wire.

The traditional module light efficiency is low, the power is large and consumes a lot of power, the power cost is high, the power cost is not energy saving. The traditional LED module makes the light word, the light intermittent is not uniform.

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