How to position the full color LED display market pattern?

Mar 18,2021| LED Knowledge

  At present, the global new display industry has entered the critical period, China has become an increasingly important position in the structure of the new display industry Micro/Mini LED. LED display technology is becoming a mainstream technology such as flexible AMOLED, as these new display technology mature, the application of LED display terminal has more options. At the same time, the led display security stability problem has also become a manufacturer In addition, the intelligent LED display is not only a competitive advantage in simplifying operation and comprehensive function, but also has more economic energy consumption.

  Better image quality, as well as other technical advantage For LED display manufacturers, to solve these problems, manufacturers need to actively promote innovation, to achieve commercialization, and in the midrange manufacturer's role in the industrial chain, creating win-win LED innovation era. With the speeding up of the process of transformation and upgrading of industry, in particular, in terms of products, the high-end product market share continue to improve, high value-added LED display products will be more competitive, so for the future of full-color LED display market positioning, manufacturers need to improve the acuity.

full color LED display market pattern

  What is the future direction of LED display indust

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