How to distinguish the quality of high-end LED transparent screen material

Apr 09,2021| LED Knowledge

  When many users buy LED transparent screen, they will comprehensively consider various factors of transparent screen, such as quality, price, manufacturing process, engineering cases, after-sales service and so on.Generally speaking, product quality is an important consideration to buy products, directly related to the subsequent transparent screen subsequent display effect and the length of service life.Of course, the most direct reason to affect the quality of products is the display material.

  LED transparent screen material
high-end LED transparent screen material

  There are a lot of display manufacturers on the market, and the raw materials purchased by each supplier are not the same, leading to uneven product quality.Generally speaking, the quality of high-end LED transparent screen is relatively high.But for some of the new contact transparent screen, it is difficult to distinguish the quality of raw materials.

  LED transparent screen is the main component

  Transparent LED screen main core parts are LED lamp bead, drive chip, PCB circuit boards, etc., although the details not three as the machine details are as important as such as engine, transmission, chassis, special part is the core of the LED display other parts such as power supply, control system, wire rod, structure, etc. Can be replaced, but the LED lamp bead, circuit boards, drive chip once production together cannot be replaced.If any one of the three components of the LED display appears serious quality problems, it means that the whole LED display is a unqualified product, and various quality hazards will appear.

  Determine the quality of LED transparent screen materials

  JYLED teach you a method to identify the core components of the transparent screen, when the LED display supplier in the offer scheme, the user needs to ask the supplier to try to put the material brand and parameters to write clear, such as LED display lamp bead packaging manufacturers have a well-known photoelectric manufacturers or a well-known machinery manufacturers.Relevant LED display quotation parameters should be listed in detail, such as the driver chip which brand manufacturers, etc.

  JYLED transparent screen product features

  Another way to identify the transparent screen material, that is, the user can directly watch the LED display display effect when the inspection, through the display effect comparison, buy the user to choose the desired product.If the effect is not good, the user can sample the sample sent to the designated supplier manufacturers to identify whether LED display materials are purchased in accordance with the requirements of PI, which will be conducive to their rights protection.

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