The price of a new generation of indoor high-definition stage rental display?

Apr 21,2021| LED Knowledge

Today, due to the stage rental LED display gathered many advantages in one, the stage rental LED display has been widely used in a variety of singing and dancing activities, gala news conference, concert theater, forum anniversary gala, new product release conference exhibition opening auditorium.

Field and so on, then stage rental LED display application market is open, the stage rental LED display become after LED outdoor advertising displays and a huge market stage rental LED display is mainly used in high-grade entertainment discos Fashion show the large-scale song and dance party The stage of the auditorium in the center of the main display screen and the main landscape, etc.

So, what is the price of the new generation of indoor HD stage rental LED display.

indoor high-definition stage rental display

(Application of stage rental LED display.)

Factors affecting the price of stage rental LED displays:

1. Screen price: The screen price of the stage rental LED display includes LED lamp beads, IC chip module, plastic mask and box/magnet, as well as signal cable and power cord.

2.Control system cost: The cost of sending card and receiving card. The number of cards is determined according to the size of the stage rental LED display. The larger the screen area and the higher the density, the more receiving cards are needed .

3.Price of playback software: The playback software of the control system is generally free of charge. The purchase of the stage rental LED display screen will provide supporting technical support for the use and subsequent .

4.Price of supporting equipment: Computer audio power amplifier power distribution cabinet multi-function control card arrester and LED video processor and other supporting equipment need the corresponding cost indoor relative to outdoor, less supporting equipment, the price will be correspondingly less.

5.Steel frame labor cost: Including the labor cost for fixing and installing the steel frame and screen body for the stage rental LED display.

6.Technical expenses: If the installation and commissioning is required, the technical engineer shall be responsible for the cost of food and accommodation and round-trip travel.

The impact of main supporting equipment on stage rental LED display price:

1. Playback: control computer multimedia card or video card playback;

2. Editing: editing computer video compression card editing;

3. Accessories: send card, receive card, transfer card;

4. Sound system: amplifier + sound box;

5. Video input equipment :DVD/VCD recorder closed circuit TV;

6. Monitoring: sensor +;

7. protection: heat distribution lightning protection;

8. Text and text input: scanner digital camera.

Stage rental LED display features:

1. Live broadcast, large and clear live broadcast picture, breaking the seat limit, so that the audience from a distance can also watch the high-quality performance;

2. Wonderful close-up shots, slow motion playback and random changes of various stage backgrounds bring the performance to the extreme and highlight the dazzling stage effect;

3. The perfect combination of lifelike picture and shocking music creates a dreamlike stage background and renders the atmosphere of the stage scene.

Rental LED display the distinctive features of the main stage at work need to be extremely high stability, to ensure that no problems in the process of use, and because the stage rental LED display need to often move, repeated disassembly and installation, so the requirement for the weight of the product is too high, so the product appearance design, structure design, material selection have been refined.

The above content is the price introduction of the new generation of stage rental LED display. I hope it will help you when you buy the stage rental LED display.

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