What's the difference between leasing and fixed installation?

Mar 06,2021| LED Knowledge

  Rental use or for fixed installation application:

  A: If for rental use: do you need a flight case, lock button & hanging structure, and an industrial use IPC?

  The flight case is a special packing case for the rental LED display, it has 4-6 wheels and 8 handles which is very convenient for transportation and moving.

  B: Lock button: 1> Lock button is mainly for rental use: the advantage of the lock button is that it can make the cabinet assemble be faster and make the cabinet connection more tight and flat than the normal standard LED display cabinet. 2> The lock button also widely used when it is for football stadium perimeter display, basketball stadium perimeter display, mobile truck 7 mobile trailer LED display, etc.

  C: Hanging structure: the hanging structure is something that is only for rental LED display use. It was composed of a suspender & crossbeam & swinging ring, to help you make a better and fast understanding

  D: IPC is an industrial Personal Computer that can use continuously for 2 years with no stop, LED display uses IPC is a special IPC that is only 25mm thickness and can install inside the LED display cabinet. The name of it is LED6689.

  E: Hanging shelf of the rental LED display: Hanging shelf of the rental LED display is composed of 8 cross girders & 4 pillars, normally it is made of aluminum alloy material.

LED small pixels display

  Attachment: Several common installation methods

  1> on the top of the wall

  2> embed into the wall

  3> whole screen hanging on the ceiling of the floor

  4> standing on the single pillar

  5> standing on the two pillars

  6> Different installation requires different requirements for the LED display’s cabinet standard, servicing method, etc.

  This is about the rental and fixed content of the LED display. If you have more information, please leave your contact information through the form below, so that we can contact you more conveniently

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