How long can led display screen be used? for 100000 hours?

Feb 26,2021| LED Knowledge

  transparent LED screens, like other electronic products, have a lifetime. Although the theoretical life of LED is 100,000 hours, it can work for more than 11 years according to 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, but the actual situation and theoretical data are much worse. According to statistics, the life of transparent LED screens on the market is generally 4~8. In the year, transparent LED screens that can be used for more than 8 years have been very good. Therefore, the life of the transparent LED display screen is 100,000 hours, which is ideally achieved. In the actual situation, it is good to use 50,000 hours.
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  The factors affecting the life of the transparent LED display screen are internal and external. The internal factors include the performance of the peripheral components, the performance of the LED light-emitting device, the fatigue resistance of the product, and the working environment of the transparent LED display screen.

  1. Impact of peripheral components

  In addition to LED lighting devices, transparent LED screens also use many other peripheral components, including circuit boards, plastic housings, switching power supplies, connectors, chassis, etc., any problem with any component, may lead to the life of the transparent screen reduce. Therefore, the longest life of a transparent display is determined by the life of the critical component of the shortest life. For example, LED, switching power supply, and metal casing are all selected according to the 8-year standard, and the protective process performance of the circuit board can only support its work for 3 years. After 3 years, it will be damaged due to rust, then we can only get a piece of 3 years. Transparent screen for life.

  2. the impact of LED lighting device performance

  LED lamp beads are the most critical and transparent component of the transparent screen. For LED lamp beads, the following indicators are mainly: attenuation characteristics, water vapor permeability characteristics, and UV resistance. If the transparent LED display screen manufacturer evaluates the performance of the LED lamp bead, it will be applied to the transparent screen, which will lead to a large number of quality accidents and seriously affect the life of the transparent LED display screen.

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  3. Product's anti-fatigue performance impact

  The anti-fatigue performance of transparent LED display screen products depends on the production process. The anti-fatigue performance of the module produced by the poor three-proof treatment is difficult to guarantee. When the temperature and humidity change, the protective surface of the circuit board will be cracked, resulting in a decrease in the protective performance.

  Therefore, the production process of a transparent LED display screen is also a key factor in determining the life of the transparent screen. The production processes involved in the production of the transparent screen include component storage and pretreatment process, over-weld welding process, three-proof process, and waterproof sealing process. The effectiveness of the process is related to material selection and ratio, parameter control, and quality of the operator.

  For the vast transparent LED display screen manufacturers, the accumulation of experience is very important. A factory with many years of experience will be more effective in controlling the production process.

  4. The impact of the working environment

  Due to different uses, the working conditions of transparent screens vary widely. From the environmental point of view, the indoor temperature difference is small, with no rain, snow, and ultraviolet light; the outdoor temperature difference can reach up to 70 degrees, plus wind and sun and rain. The harsh environment will aggravate the aging of the transparent screen, which is an important factor affecting the life of the transparent screen.

  The lifetime of transparent LED screens is determined by a variety of factors, but the end of life caused by many factors can be continuously extended by the replacement of components (such as switching power supplies). LEDs are not likely to be replaced in large quantities, so once the LED life is over, it means the end of the life of the transparent screen. In a certain sense, the life of the LED determines the life of the transparent screen.

  We say that LED lifetime determines the lifetime of a transparent screen, but it does not mean that LED lifetime is equal to the lifetime of a transparent screen. Since the transparent screen does not work at full load every time when the transparent screen is working, the transparent screen should have a lifetime of 6-10 times the life of the LED when the video program is normally played. Working at a low current can last longer. Therefore, the transparent screen of the brand LED can last for about 50,000 hours.

  How to make the transparent LED display screen last longer?

  From the procurement of raw materials to the standardization and standardization of the production and installation process, the use of LED display screens will have a great impact. The brand of electronic components such as lamp beads and ICs, to the quality of switching power supplies, are all direct factors affecting the life of LED large screens. When planning the project, we should specify the quality of the reliable LED lamp beads, the good reputation of switching power supply, and the specific brand and model of other raw materials. In the process of production, you should pay attention to anti-static measures, such as wearing anti-static rings, wearing anti-static clothes, choosing a dust-free workshop and production line to minimize the failure rate.

  Before leaving the factory, it is necessary to ensure the aging time as much as possible, and the factory pass rate is 100%. In the transportation process, the product should be packed, and the packaging should be fragile. If it is shipping, it is necessary to prevent hydrochloric acid corrosion.

  In addition, the daily maintenance of the transparent LED display screen is also very important, regularly clean the dust accumulated on the screen, so as not to affect the heat dissipation function. When playing advertising content, try not to be in full white, full green, etc. for a long time, so as to avoid current amplification, cable heating, and short circuit failure. When playing a holiday at night, you can adjust the brightness of the screen according to the brightness of the environment, which not only saves energy but also prolongs the service life of the LED display.

  The above is the real information about the application time of LED display. If you have some questions, you can submit your doubts through the form below, and we will have professional personnel to analyze and answer them for you.

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