How to assemble outdoor SMD LED display screen?

Feb 26,2021| LED Knowledge

  By reading this content, you can fully understand the installation and operation of the LED display.

  First, confirm the installation method: please see the picture below and choose the appropriate installation method.

led installation method

  After confirming the installation method, customize the steel structure to match the outdoor SMD LED display screen and fix it to the location where it needs to be installed.

led installation method

  Before assembling, please confirm the following questions:

  1. Check whether the steel structure of the SMD LED display screen is firm

  2. Check whether the height and width of the steel structure are correct, usually >5-10mm

  3. If it is a double-pillar installation method, check that the distance between the two pillars from the bottom to the top must be strictly the same, otherwise, there will be gaps when installing the SMD LED display.

  4. Check whether the channel position in the maintenance cabinet is appropriate, and whether there is a door blocking the SMD LED display screen cabinet.

  5. Check that the cable hole between the two SMD LED display screen is not blocked

  After all the problems are checked, the assembly can be started.

  When assembling, the LED cabinets must be installed from bottom to top. The connection method between the cabinet is shown in the figure below:

led installation method

  After confirming that the cabinets on the first floor are assembled flat, install the remaining cabinets one by one. Dip the waterproof glue on the junction of the two cabients. After the entire SMD LED display screen is debugged, the surrounding SMD LED display screen frame needs to be waterproofed. In bad weather, ensure that the SMD LED display screen will not leak.

led installation method

  Next, install the cable layout diagram and connect the main power cable and the main network cable Remarks: The display screens with different pitch pitches have different connection methods. If you need help, you can contact our relevant staff.

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