Which is better, p2.5 indoor led display or p3 indoor led display?

Apr 22,2021| LED Knowledge

P2.5 indoor LED display screen and P3 indoor LED display screen have super high resolution, can present the high-definition image effect that is full of praise, and has the characteristics of high brightness, long visual distance, can ensure that the stage or the far area of the business district can see the LED display screen;

p3 indoor led display

The best viewing distance for Z is 2-20 meters, and the price is relatively high. For those with higher requirements on pixel/clarity/effect, these two types can be selected. P3 and 2.5 LED screens with small spacing have higher requirements on technology and heat dissipation.

Circuit and other problems need to be solved with more costs, and the yield rate is low, resulting in the current price of small-spacing LED products is still high. However, with the growth of P3 and 2.5 indoor LED display capacity and continuous technological improvement, the yield rate will be further improved, and the product price will continue to fall.

As for which LED display is better, it can only be said to adapt to local conditions.

The P number mentioned here refers to the distance between two pixel points or lights (in mm), so the distance between P2.5 and P3 is 2.5mm and 3mm, respectively.

P2.5 has more points than P3 on the same area. For example, there are 160,000 points of P2.5 pixels on 1 square meter area, and about 111111 points of P3 pixels. The smaller the distance is, the higher the pixel is, and the clearer the picture is

Therefore, P2.5 is more expensive than P3, because the larger the point distance on the LED display body is, the farther the viewing distance is. There is generally a formula for the best viewing distance = point distance /(0.3~0.8), but this is only an approximate scale.

P2.5 Display Type of P3 indoor LED display: good clarity, the best viewing distance is 2-20 meters, the price is relatively high, the pixel clarity and effect requirements are higher, both can be selected.

(LED display for indoor use)

p2.5 indoor led display

The main indicators affecting P2.5 and P3 indoor LED displays are:

1. Core size: the size of the chip will directly affect the heat and life of the chip. Usually, the chip of 13mil or above is selected for the full-color LED display, and the chip of 9mil or above is selected for the single/dual color LED display.

2. Core brightness: the brightness of the core will directly affect the brightness of the LED display if the selection of the core is not bright enough, in the LED display by improving the current to improve the brightness, will directly affect the life of the LED display so in the production of LED display, should choose the brightness is higher than the required brightness of the LED display.

3. Core wavelength: the wavelength parameters will directly affect the color of the display screen. The positive wavelength is red 640nm, green 525nm, blue 470nm. When making, the positive wavelength is usually chosen to achieve the effect of colorful and rich colors.

4. Core uniformity: the uniformity of the core directly affects the uniformity of the LED display, including brightness uniformity and wavelength uniformity. In general, when selecting the core, the wavelength deviation is 2.5nm, and the brightness deviation is less than 10%, which will not affect the effect of the LED display. If it is beyond this range, the effect of the LED display will be affected.

When choosing between P2.5 and P3 indoor LED display, we should objectively investigate the specific requirements of the installation site, in order to give full play to the LED display effect.

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