p2.5 rental indoor led display export to America

Mar 06,2021| LED Knowledge

  At the end of December 2020, a customer in a large American shopping mall ordered a P2.5 rental indoor LED display of about 200 square meters in JYLED. Its exquisite quality, bright colors, and clear display effect have been highly recognized by customers. The quality and considerate service of LED display screen products are highly praised.

p2.5 rental indoor led display export to America

  The client's company is a large-scale commercial supermarket that mainly sells jewelry and has a high reputation in the industry. Therefore, when selecting products, it has very strict requirements on the quality of the products. Before the start of the project, customers have conducted investigations and visits in the industries of full-color LED display manufacturers such as Jiangsu, Guangzhou, Henan, and Shenzhen. After comparing prices, services, and quality, Shenzhen JYLED, a powerful company, was finally selected for cooperation.

  The P2.5 rental indoor led display selected by the customer is one of our company’s leading products. Its advantages are mainly: stable and reliable performance, using the latest wireless terminal control technology, eliminating the need for complex interfaces and tedious operations, It can also debug the screen remotely, allowing you to control the content of the screen anytime, anywhere, and change the shape of the led screen according to the size of the on-site environment, so whether it is special customization or unlimited splicing, It's nothing to say. The LED display produced by JYLED not only has a high-end appearance but also is very simple to assemble and maintain.

p2.5 rental indoor led display export to America

  JYLED rental indoor LED displays are found in shopping malls, meeting rooms, bars, stages and other places in the United States, Brazil, Spain, India and other countries. According to the requirements and plans of different customers, we will calculate the required materials and equipment in advance, so that you can quickly start the installation and commissioning when you get the product. If you have any questions or good ideas, please feel free to contact us. We value the suggestions of each customer and establish a permanent partnership together. We will bring you a different visual experience with professional technology and enthusiastic service!

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