How to distinguish the quality of LED transparent screen materials ?

May 13,2021| LED Knowledge

With the of LED display screens development , application areas are becoming more and more extensive. Although the definition, service life, and environmental adaptation of conventional LED display screens have been continuously improved, the price has been declining year by year. New manufacturers in the entire industry continue to join, forming vicious price competition, and high-value LED transparent screens have appeared. The market price of LED transparent screen is relatively stable, the price is 6000~12000 yuan/square meter. Why is the price of transparent LED display higher than that of conventional LED display?

Demystifying why transparent LED screens are more expensive than conventional screens? How to distinguish the quality of LED transparent screen materials

1. The LED transparent screen is a new type of product. The biggest feature is transparency. This is incomparable to conventional LED screens. It can play more transparent and cool animations and advertisements. Moreover, in the fields of glass curtain walls, glass showcases, and indoor atriums, transparent LED screens are generally required, because the wall structure in these fields is not high load-bearing, and conventional screens are too heavy and heavy, which will cause a burden on the wall structure, while LED transparent The screen does not have to worry too much about this kind of problem.

2. There are many customized products for LED transparent screen projects, which are facing middle and high-end customer groups. The screen structure of the project is different, and it is not suitable for other projects. It is impossible to make a large inventory of standard product reserves, usually there are projects, and then do product design and production. Therefore, the cost and consumption are high, and the price cannot be lowered.

Main components of LED transparent screen

The core components of the LED transparent screen are LED lamp beads, driver chips, and PCB circuit boards. Once the three components are integrated, they cannot be replaced. Other components such as power supply, control system, wire, structure, etc. can be replaced. If any one of the three major components has serious quality problems, it means that the entire LED transparent screen is not a qualified product, and there are various quality risks. It will appear, there will be dead lights, black lights, display color difference and other problems behind it is inevitable, and serious short circuit burns.

Positive emitting LED transparent screen lamp beads and display display

Identify the quality of LED transparent screen materials

JYLED teaches you a method to identify the core components of transparent screens. When LED transparent screen manufacturers provide quotation solutions, users need to ask suppliers to specify the brand and parameters of the materials as far as possible. For example, LED lamp bead packaging manufacturers have A well-known optoelectronic manufacturer, etc. The relevant LED transparent screen quotation parameters should be listed in detail, such as which brand manufacturers of the driver chip have.

Another way to identify the transparent screen material is to directly watch the LED transparent screen display effect when inspecting the goods, and compare the display effects to purchase satisfactory products. If the effect is not good, the user can take samples and send the samples to the designated supplier manufacturers to identify whether the LED transparent screen materials are purchased in accordance with the contract requirements, which will benefit their rights. 

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