What is the reason for the big gap in the quotations of LED display manufacturers?

Apr 25,2021| LED Knowledge

When chatting with friends in the led display industry, they all talked about the difficulty in the market this year and the difficulty in the led display industry. In fact, there are many aspects, but the most important point is the confusion of market quotes and prices. Today JYLED is Everyone analyzes the reason for the big gap in the quotations of LED display manufacturers?

quotations of LED display manufacturers

The larger manufacturers are those listed companies, and their energy is devoted to some small-pitch LED display products. For one, the small-pitch products raise the barriers to entry. If you want to produce small-pitch LED displays, then It is necessary to have the material conditions for the production of small spacing. First of all, technically this condition, and the technology also needs the support of machinery and equipment. Some small manufacturers are trapped in not having much capital to purchase equipment, and the profit of small-pitch products can be profitable. To reach the height of ordinary products, this is their profit growth point. Some large listed companies will share this cup of pie, and there is not much time to make conventional products.

In addition, some midstream manufacturers have higher prices, but they are relatively lower and not much lower than those of listed companies. Some midstream manufacturers want to make money. Listed companies can advance funds to do some projects, but these companies can’t do it. Now, labor costs are increasing year by year, making it very difficult for some midstream companies. The increase in raw material costs (monthly settlement of raw materials is about 3 points higher than the price of raw materials purchased in cash), which has led to midstream and upstream LED display companies. If the suppliers come to ask for money together, they will definitely go bankrupt without too much money to advance the development. Only by raising the price of the product to increase the profit of the display product To maintain the difficult development of the enterprise, the price of such a manufacturer is higher.

Secondly, there are some manufacturers that specialize in wholesale. Wholesale may be equal to the price. No businessman in this society can truly tell you from the heart that I will sell this thing to you, and I won’t make a cent. Or I owe it to you, as long as it is a business man who tells it to anyone, no one will believe it. The raw materials they use can tell you here, but they only do wholesale and will not care about your after-sales service.

Take the outdoor P10 full-color LED display as an example. The LED lamp is the key to the large LED screen. In the cost of raw materials, it accounts for 50-60% of the cost. The price ratio of the better lamps in Shenzhen's packaging factory is very high. The price of an ordinary packaging factory differs by 500-1000 yuan per square. The driver IC is even more informative. Nowadays, the most popular one in the market is to sell under the brand of a certain Taiwanese brand, but in fact the appearance is used. The same other unbranded ICs have the model of a Taiwanese brand written on them. This cost can also be saved. The subtlety of the circuit board is probably the thickness of the traces in the circuit board. If the thickness is not up to the requirement, the screen will be In the process of use, the wires are interrupted. If there are fewer wires on a board, you can fly a few wires out and connect them outside. If there are more, the module is basically scrapped.

There is also the cable. You can take a closer look at all the manufacturers that do wholesale. They are basically copper-clad aluminum cables, and more aluminum cables. This kind of wire will heat up during use. You can try it yourself. , And there is the cabinet. If you buy a small display, it doesn’t matter. If you buy a large-screen cabinet, you will pay attention to it. Take a step back and say that the thickness of the cabinet should be at least 1.2mm or 1.5. mm, Shenzhen LED display manufacturers use 0.8mm cabinets, which are easily deformed.

The most direct aspect of the quality of the mask and the kit is that the mask appears mosaic, and the kit appears deformed or even cracked. The quality of the glue does not have much impact on the price of the LED display. If you install the screen in a foreign project or close to a place with heavy humidity, you want to consider a mask screw made of steel.

The above is the reason why the price of LED displays compiled by JYLED for everyone is very different. I hope it will be helpful to you. You can also click on "How to calculate the cost of full-color LED displays?" This article to learn more about LED displays Please click here for the relevant knowledge of price!

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