What is the reason for the frequent tripping of the LED display?

May 10,2021| LED Knowledge

1. The layout of the leakage maintainer is unreasonable

Due to the particularity of the LED display installation site, such as wiring errors, damage to the leakage maintainer in the switch box, line damage, and some electrical appliances not passing through the switch box, a series of reasons, plus the inevitable error of the leakage maintainer itself Operation and refusal to operate, coupled with the failure to arrange the leakage maintainer in accordance with the actual electricity consumption, caused the total leakage maintainer to trip frequently.

frequent tripping of the LED display

2. Does not constitute a useful secondary or tertiary leakage maintenance within the maintenance scale

The last-stage leakage maintainer in the switch box is the main maintenance of electrical equipment. If the last-stage leakage maintainer is not installed, damaged or selected improperly, it may cause frequent tripping of the upper-level leakage maintainer. Because there are many metal conductors in the LED display screen and many wire connectors, if the wire insulation is not very good, it will often cause leakage; some sockets are added, and leakage maintainers are not installed in many hours, which often causes leakage. . As long as a useful secondary or tertiary leakage maintenance mode is formed in each maintenance scale, the trip frequency of the leakage maintainer can be effectively reduced.

3. The leakage maintainer itself has certain limitations

(1) The current leakage maintainers, whether electromagnetic or electronic, use magnetic induction voltage transformers to pick up the leakage current in the main circuit of the electrical equipment. It is impossible for three-phase or three-phase four-wire to be completely balanced in the magnetic ring. . The three-phase power load of the LED display screen cannot be completely balanced. Under strong current or high overvoltage, a certain electromotive force will be induced in the magnetic ring with high permeability, which is large to a certain extent. , It will cause the leakage maintainer to trip. Because the leakage current maintainer with the larger the extra current chooses a relatively large magnetic ring, the leakage flux generated is relatively large, and the leakage current must overcome the magnetizing force of the magnetic ring itself, so the actual use of the leakage maintainer is the greater the additional current , The lower the sensitivity, the higher the rejection rate.

(2) There is an area of uncertainty in the operation of the leakage maintainer between the extra leakage current and the extra leakage non-operation current. When the leakage current of the leakage maintainer is shaken in this area, it will also cause the leakage maintainer to trip irregularly.

4. The selection of the leakage maintainer is unreasonable

(1) The extra leakage action current used in the switch box exceeds 30mA or exceeds the extra current of the electrical equipment by more than twice the extra current of the leakage maintainer, or the leakage maintainer with delay type is used, because of the extra leakage action current The improvement of the maintenance or the decrease of maintenance sensitivity, the final leakage maintainer still does not operate after the leakage is found.

(2) The starting current when the LED display is energized is often relatively large, and the large current may cause the leakage maintainer to trip. Therefore, power up the display cabinets in batches as much as possible. In general, an electromagnetic leakage maintainer that is not sensitive to surge overvoltage and overcurrent should be selected; or an electronic leakage maintainer that is 1.5 to 2 times larger than the additional current. The additional leakage action current of the final leakage maintenance should not be greater than 30mA.

The frequent tripping of the leakage maintainer is the result of a combination of various factors. The most important thing is to arrange the leakage maintainer reasonably, reduce the maintenance scale of the second and third-level leakage maintainer, and correctly select the leakage maintainer and wiring to ensure that the The second or third level leakage maintainer is in a useful maintenance condition; on the other hand, it is to strengthen the management of electricity consumption to improve the quality of the electricity users, and to prevent non-electrical wiring, so that the safety of electricity consumption can be guaranteed, and frequent tripping can be reduced. Circumstances, to create better power supply conditions for the normal operation of the LED display.

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