Where can I repair the led display in Hong Kong?

Apr 25,2021| LED Knowledge

LED display is an electronic product, so as long as it is an electronic product, there will be a need for maintenance, especially in the use of a period of time or occasional failure, is the need for the display box or module to do maintenance work.

Generally speaking, the maintenance methods of LED display are mainly divided into two kinds: pre-maintenance and post-maintenance, and the maintenance method is inseparable from the installation and configuration of LED display. The installation methods of conventional LED display are mainly wall-mounted installation and Mosaic installation.

Roof type installation and column type installation, so want to repair the problem of LED display should understand the installation of LED display can be more accurate repair.

(The LED display requires routine maintenance.)

repair led display in Hong Kong

Maintenance of LED display:

1.Pre-maintenance: the biggest characteristic is very save space, for indoor or wall-mounted installation structure, save space is very important, because it will not leave too much place as a maintenance channel.Therefore, pre-maintenance can greatly reduce the overall thickness of the LED Xu Songping structure, which can not only well combine with the surrounding building environment, but also save space while ensuring the effect. However, this structure will have a high requirement for the heat dissipation function of the equipment.

2.Post maintenance: the biggest advantage is flexible and convenient, this advantage is suitable for large outdoor LED display and roof type inspection maintenance is simple and convenient, for those installed in the building exterior wall of the large LED display, from the back is more convenient for maintenance personnel to enter and operate.

LED display maintenance common methods:

1.Short circuit detection method.

2.Resistance detection method

3.Voltage detection method

4.Voltage drop detection method

LED display maintenance basic steps:

1. Determining the type of HUB board used by module or unit board, so that the interface definition of the wiring can be the same;

2. According to different models of modules or unit boards, send the corresponding program to the receiving card to ensure that modules and unit boards are displayed under the correct program, which is the premise to find out the cause of the failure (the model of the module or unit board will be printed on the general PCB board);

3. Observe the phenomenon of module or unit board, and determine the initial fault, such as common blind lights, dots, small squares, etc.;

4. Use multimeter to find out the fault, mainly using the above short circuit detection method, between the chip and the lamp foot detection;

5. Maintenance;

6. Test again.

The maintenance of LED display screen first needs to be inspected. In this way, it is necessary to observe whether the LED display screen needs to be repaired: the general inspection of LED display screen is to choose the monthly inspection system, and the protection of large LED display screen is to implement the weekly inspection system.

1 LED display screen body repair, including the lamp module module power control card;

2 LED display control system repair, including controller fiber conversion card distributor send card;

3. Specialized broadcasting operating software for LED display screen, including protection promotion of broadcasting software;

4. Regular (once a month) on-site inspection by skilled personnel to check and maintain the system;

5. Serious activity guarantee: the company's skilled personnel guidance to ensure the smooth development of on-site activities.

6. About outdoor LED display screen, because the damage caused by natural elements such as wind, rain, thunder and lightning is not within the scope of the warranty, the owner needs to insure to the insurance company, and the insurance company will pay the compensation.

7. During the maintenance service, the general faults shall be repaired within 8 hours. If a serious accident does not exceed 24 hours to repair and replace modules and other accessories, and if it does not exceed 24 hours to repair, the first service shall ensure that the large screen does not show the faults above module level (such as module color deviation, module black column and not bright, etc.) and broadcast normally.

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