Several questions about LED display manufacturers

Jun 12,2021| LED Knowledge

How does your manufacturer package and install the remote project?

JYLED has offices, cooperative dealers and mobile engineering and technical personnel everywhere. No matter where the customer is in any area, JYLED can provide related services (such as: installation, debugging), and now the traffic is very developed, generally speaking 15 -30 working days is enough to reach most countries, unless some countries have inconvenient transportation, then the time may be extended.

What kind of payment methods do factories generally use?

Because we are a factory, the prices we give to customers are all wholesale prices. Generally, our payment method is 30% deposit. We start production. After production, customers can come to the factory for inspection. After the inspection is correct, the remaining 70% of the balance will be paid before shipment. This form will inevitably make some customers have concerns about this. This is normal, but if you think about it carefully, these two points.

①. We will ship the goods to you after the inspection is correct, so there is no need to worry about us taking the money and not doing anything.

②. We belong to a physical industry and have fixed assets, and both parties will sign a formal contract that can produce legal effects. We will definitely not destroy the reputation of working hard for many years because of a few items.

Why have I consulted many manufacturers’ quotations, but the differences are huge?

First of all, there are several factors that determine the price of the product

①: The scale of the factory. For the factory, the cost of the product does not only come from the cost of materials, but the most important thing is the cost of labor. A slightly larger company has to calculate more costs. Many, such as research and development costs, factory rental costs, a large number of staff costs, etc.

②: The selection cost of raw materials, such as the choice of chips, also directly affects the price of the entire screen. Our Lianshuo chooses stable and long-term cooperation epistar chips as the main material. Our quotations are at the mid-range price in the industry. We hope that our customers Don’t blindly promote excellence and avoid falling into the trap. If the price of a product is 50% higher than the market price, it is abnormal. Similarly, if it is lower than 50% of the market price, it is regarded as vicious competition. Obtaining more profits with ultra-low prices will ultimately harm the interests of customers. To sum up, "Ultra-high prices may not work, but ultra-low prices must not work."

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