What kind of information, model, size and price should I buy for stage LED display

Feb 26,2021| LED Knowledge

  With the rapid development of stage career, especially television, large concerts, and other places. The LED rental screen is popular for the practical. For the rental manufacturers and customers friends, choose a stage LED rental display, want to stage LED display price how much money? Want to know the model size to buy. The following is the share of JYLED:

  First, the stage LED display prices

  The current stage LED display price calculation, generally according to the screen unit area to count. At present the usual price of 700 ~ 1500 dollar/range. This is related to the specific stage LED display size models, configuration requirements.

P3.91 indoor HD led Rental stage display
P3.91 indoor HD led Rental stage display

  Stage rental LED display quotes included:

  1. Screen body offer: including the total screen body area

  2. Supporting equipment: including control system, computer, audio and power amplifier, power distribution cabinet, video processor

  3. System engineering: including steel structure, power wiring, installation and commissioning, transportation costs

  Second, the stage LED display size area

  1, stage LED display in the P represents the distance between any two pixels. For example, the P4 full-color screen represents the distance between the pixels is 3mm. Point spacing, the smaller the resolution and clarity is higher, the general stage LED display model smaller, the higher the price of stage LED display. For example, in the same configuration, P3 must be expensive than P4

  2, the point spacing of different pixel density is different. P2.5 pixel density of 160000 points / ㎡, P3 pixel density 111111 points / ㎡, P4 pixel density 62500 points / ㎡.

  3, the point spacing, watch the distance is also different, such as P3 is 3 meters outside the viewing effect is better, P4 for 4 meters outside the watch, and so on. If the stage LED display size is too small, to achieve a good display on the need to do a higher density LED rental display model. Specific stage LED display models to need to be based on viewing distance, use occasions, display requirements, capital budget, etc. to determine

  4, the stage LED display recommended conventional length and width dimensions by 4: 3 or 16: 9 ratio to make, so the screen aspect ratio of more coordinated, watch the display is good.

  Under the common number of LED rental screen area, image video HD display ratio:

  10 square meters, 4.22 meters wide 2.37 meters (16: 9); width 3.65 meters * high 2.74 meters (4: 3).

  20 square meters, width 5.96 m * high 3.35 m (16: 9); width 5.16 m * high 3.87 m (4: 3).

  30 square, 7.3 meters wide * 4.11 meters high (16: 9); width 6.33 meters * 4.74 meters high (4: 3).

  50 square, width 9.43 m * high 5.3 m (16: 9); width 8.17 m * high 6.12 m (4: 3).

  100 square, width 13.33 m * high 7.5 m (16: 9); width 11.55 m * high 8.66 m (4: 3).

P3.91 indoor HD led Rental stage display
P3.91 indoor HD led Rental stage display

  Third, the optional stage LED display to provide information

  1, the installation environment:

  Stage installation of the LED display environment, indoor or outdoor, installation, fixed installation or removable dismantling (commonly known as rental LED display), which fixed installation is generally lower than the cost of removable installation because the mobile installation to increase the material (box Empty air box, etc.).

  2, viewing distance:

  Provide viewing distance for stage LED display.

  3, model specifications:

  Please specify the stage to use the LED display specifications, such as uncertain, welcome to consult the Wittem sales staff.

  The above is about  the size, information and price of JYLED stage LED display. If you have more information, please fill in the form below and contact us.


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