What are the reasons for the blurring of the led electronic screen? The led manufacturer will tell you!

Jun 17,2021| LED Knowledge

LED electronic screens are becoming more and more common, whether it is advertising, traffic roads, or public welfare, it is playing its role. Near the Spring Festival, many businesses are preparing to do activities, but the LED electronic screens that have not been used for a long time are actually blurred. Why is it blurred? Next, a professional LED manufacturer tells you how to find the cause of the ambiguity of the LED.
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Reasons for blurry screen of led electronic screen:

1. The wire connecting the screen and the main board of the led electronic screen is off or damaged, that is, the cable is broken. At this time, you need to repair the cable fault to restore normal use;

2. The motherboard of the led electronic screen is broken. This may happen if it is a screen that has not been used for a long time, but this will not happen to a properly maintained led screen even if it is not used;

3. The screen of the led electronic screen is broken, that is, the display screen. At this time, the merchant needs to contact the manufacturer in time for further maintenance;

4. The control card of the led electronic screen is faulty, that is, the control card may have been infiltrated by water or the chip, power supply, or wire may be burned out. The merchant can find someone outside for repair, or contact the manufacturer for repair.

The above are the main reasons why the led electronic screen is blurred. I hope to help you answer your doubts. The failure of led electronic display is basically caused by improper storage and other reasons, and the display body that has not been used for a long time needs to be stored well. If you have more information you need to know, please leave a message below for consultation.

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