How to detect whether the transparent LED display screen standard?

Feb 26,2021| LED Knowledge

  Compared to professionals, Non-professionals on the transparent LED display little understanding, When you choose to buy again, you will inevitably encounter many problems. The following for everyone to share transparent LED display screen and box test standards.

  At the time of purchase, transparent LED display screen inspection is very necessary. So, how to detect whether the transparent LED display screen standard?

JYLED P3.91 led display screen

  First from the appearance test:

  1. visual and feel can initially see whether there is a problem screen display;

  2. the screen coating should not have any shedding phenomenon;

  3. to check the screen color is the same screen, or whether there is no color cast off the phenomenon;

  4. the screen printing screen should be clear, complete, uniform color, no flash, defects, trailing, pollution, all the specific content of silkscreen, location, pattern and font size, detailed drawings from the corresponding, the manufacturer strictly Drawing design requires silkscreen.

  5. the color is consistent with the model, the normal visual acuity in the natural light or fluorescent lamp no obvious color difference, the same batch of products without color, the coating surface is smooth, smooth, uniform, the surface must not return to the sticky, particles, Points, flowers, wrinkles, mechanical damage and other defects.

JYLED P3.91 led display screen

  Box detection should pay attention to six questions:

  1. the transparent LED display cabinet dimensions deviation of not more than 0.5mm, the difference between the two diagonal is not more than 1mm;

  2. check whether the removal of burrs, an acute angle is dull, not allowed to have scraped the hand, the phenomenon of pricker;

  3. the nut and nut column must be back to the tooth treatment, to ensure that the screw can be successfully locked;

  4. to check whether the whole assembly requirements of the box are processed according to the drawing, the existing standard parts must be adopted for all the accessories (such as locks and hinges), the mechanical strength and sealing performance of the assembly must be guaranteed;

  5. the welding of the box body must be firm, no vacuum welding, leak welding, and other phenomena, the welding point must be polished, the weld at the need to do the ash scraping, the treatment process must be strict standards, the weld must be polished seal waterproof, Smooth and smooth without acute angle

  6. LED module hole after forming and welding should ensure that the front of the flatness, the surrounding panels may not have warping, deformation, flatness error of less than 1MM, the front panel positioning panel to strictly control the size of the hole, the aperture size and hole The error should be less than 0.1mm. The X and Y directions of the hole axis should be on the same straight line, and the straight lines should be perpendicular to the edge of the box. The verticality is less than 1mm.

  JYLED full-color rental LED display screen case

  Driving components are generally constant current driver chips, such as MBl5026 and so on. These chips contain 16 constant-current drive outputs internally, which allow you to set the current output with resistors. The error of each output of the same chip is controlled within 3%, and the output error of different chips is controlled within 6%.

  rental LED display 20% of the pixels between the brightness of the error is normal, if the use of the LED is not the same grade, type of product, the brightness error will rise to 40% or more.

  It is also noteworthy that the full-color rental LED display brightness is inconsistent, which is the fundamental reason for Huaping, can not be corrected with post-calibration equipment, only by LED rental screen manufacturers in the manufacturing process to achieve. Therefore, for the purchase of inconsistent brightness of the screen, please contact your service provider or manufacturer requirements.

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