What are the advantages of the transparent screen of the rear window of the car?

May 13,2021| LED Knowledge

With the increasing maturity of domestic LED technology, advertising media with transparent screens on the rear window of vehicles have appeared one after another, which is a powerful supplement and excavation to the LED advertising market, and has a very obvious advantage in the field of mobile advertising.

Technical advantages of LED transparent screen on car rear window

1. The on-board transparent screen has a transparency of more than 50%, which will not affect the visual depth of the driver, can easily see the rear window line of sight, does not affect the reversing, and is easier to get the review of the operation project approval department.

2. The high protection capability can cope with the aerosol problems generated in winter and summer, and effectively solve the problems of dead lights when the pins of traditional SMD technology package devices are damp.

3. It can meet all-weather advertising broadcasts. Under 4000nit brightness during the day, it can be more energy-saving and power-saving, and the advertising operation can achieve high-efficiency effects. The night brightness is automatically set and adjusted to the level of human eye comfort, avoiding light pollution, and achieving good advertising effects.

4. The effect can be clearly seen when viewing at a distance of 20-30 meters away, and at the same time, it can meet the viewing needs under the condition of large inclination of the rear window.

5. The screen body has the ability to bend flexibly, and it can be firmly pasted on the curved rear window glass with nano transparent glass glue. Installation is convenient and fast, does not occupy passenger space, and has a strong sense of comfort and safety.

Analysis of the advantages of transparent screen technology and advertising on vehicle rear window

Advantages of transparent screen advertising on car rear window

Mobile advertising spaces can be formed in the streets and alleys of commercial circles. As a mobile advertising medium, the effect of flashing on the transparent screen of the rear window of the vehicle is very attractive, and the exposure rate of the advertisement is high. The batch input cost is low, and the power consumption is as small as a dozen watts. The materials are energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Compared with traditional advertising, the effect is better and the price is more affordable.

Intelligent management system, efficient operation of group posting management, GPS+LBS+Beidou positioning function, data tracking and analysis real-time query and other functions save management costs, which is a very effective operation strategy for advertising operations.

Seamlessly connect with the Internet of Things, send advertising information to the mobile phone to control the background, real-time monitoring, everything is under control. Relying on industry experience and mature core technology, Lianman Optoelectronics successfully developed the LED film screen, which can be successfully applied to the rear window of the car. It has the characteristics of light, thin, curved and high transparency. It has an agent in China to join in the car LED advertising. The field looks forward to your joining.

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