This is a video about the LED display carefully selected and uploaded by JYLED. There are LED video installation and maintenance, LED display engineering cases, and some content related to LED display. I hope the video can help you solve some confusions.


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Pixel Pitch LED display manufacturers prompt you:

generally equal to or less than 2mm LED display into a small spacing, small spacing LED display is divided into indoor and outdoor two kinds

pixel pitch led display

Complete front and back maintenance,high convenience design;

The cabinet is designed according to the ratio of 16:9,with 720p/1080p/2160p point-to-point splice;

Thin,;light design with less noise,supporting dual system,dual power supply and dual power backup;

High precision CNC machining,flatness is less than o.1mm,gap spacing is less than 0.1mm;

pixel pitch led display

pixel pitch led display

The single module adopts die-cast aluminum bottom shell,which can prevent dust at IP5X grade;

Single module supports temperature,voltage and communication lines detection,and supports module “automatic correction”.

High contrast,high refresh,high grayscale,high definition display,and ultra-high performance to meet the needs of application fields.

pixel pitch led display

Low bright high gray, the picture is more delicate

The use of high-quality black LED lights, with black mask, contrast up to 3000:1, so that the picture more clear and bright


Weather Proof

Outdoor LED display are rugged with IP 65 and IP 66 which makes them withstand adverse weather conditions and deliver vibrant quality output.

Brightness Contrast

An outdoor LED display has a lot more brightness than its indoor counterpart enabling it to delivery vibrant images even in direct sunlight.

Auto Adjusting To Daylight

Our smart Outdoor LED display are capable of auto-adjusting the brightness levels as per the natural lighting without any manual intervention.

Customized Design

Our inhouse design team helps you customize the LED display with respect to size, shape, pixel pitch or display resolution.

Pixel Pitch Range

We provides a range of pixel pitches starting from 4mm to 10mm that will be suitable for your semi-outdoor or outdoor venues.

Comparison of parameters for different small spacing LED displays


Specifications size point IC model IC 
Small spacing LED display screen
P1.25  30S 200*150 19200 6153 120
P1.56  32S 200*150 12288 6153 72
P1.667 30S 200*150 10800 6153 72
P1.875 32S 240*120 8192 6153 48
P1.923 26S 200*150 8112 6153 63

Outdoor LED Screen & Outdoor LED Display Screen

Outdoor LED screens have a lot of pixel pitch available like:P3,P4,P5,P6,P6.67,P8,P10 and P16,which is used for a wariety of applications,such as:outdooor fixed advertising,outdoor rental events,outdoor trasparent led etc.There are common five types of installation for outdoor led display,So,before you purchasing a outdoor led display,you had better know the viewing distance,maintenance method and size etc.For outdoor led rental screen,these case require led displays which are light weight, easy to install, dismantle, and mobile functions to fit any requirements.For outdoor fixed advertising,led screens are designed with high brightness, high water-proof, anti ultra violet, strong installation structures.Below FAQ are the some answers to common purchasing question, or you can consult our outdoor led display experts.



What does an outdoor LED display mean?

An LED display screen is the perfect solution for advertising any business, institute, firm, company, product, or even individual ads in front of thousands of passerby’s. These screens are installed on the poles, walls, or the building roof’s exterior area. They are designed specifically to continue displaying ads perfectly even after the attacks of dust, noise, and extreme weather.

Are the outdoor led screens worth the investment?

Since thousand or even millions of passersby’s can easily view ads on outdoor LED signs (as they are installed on roads with higher traffic), the advertisements help businesses to grow by attracting customers that view these ads while passing by. Besides, even if a few thousand people may view the ad, at least hundreds are sure to respond to it, right?

What is the Pixel Pitch of Outdoor LED Display?

For outdoor fixed installation:4mm(P4),5mm(P5),6mm(P6 or P6.67),8mm(P8),10mm(P10) and 16mm(P16) etc.
For Outdoor rental usage:3.91 mm and 4.81mm etc

What is a Good Pixel Pitch and Resolution of LED Display Screen?

How to calculate LED screen resolution, size & viewing distance

P6 LED, P10 LED or P16 LED Display,Which is Better?


Type of Installation of Outdoor LED Screen:

For a newbie in terms of investing in LED displays, it’s for one to understand the different installation methods of an Outdoor display. But since this is highly important, let’s discuss the common ones below:


This installation method refers to mounting LED displays on outdoor walls and fixing there permanently.

Pole Installation:

Installation of these screens on outdoor poles is quite critical but equally beneficial to change the screen’s location afterward.

Roof Installation:

This method of installing outdoor LED’s is quite commonly found everywhere. And if this screen is installed on its building’s roof; there’s no better way to make customers attracted to the building.

Hanging Installation:

Similar to the pole installation, this type of LED screen installation is managed by hanging it outdoors through thick wires these wires are supported by one or more buildings.

Mobile Rental Installation:

By what the name suggests, this installation of LED screens is temporary. And most commonly rental screens are installed in this way so that they can be moved and relocated according to the needs of every renting party.

How Many Ways to Control Outdoor LED Screens?

Now that we’ve discovered the different installation methods of outdoor display screens, you might not want to miss the controlling methods, right? The best part about controlling the advanced outdoor LED billboards is that these screens can be controlled through multiple sources. So you can be anywhere and easily control the screen’s content without needing professional help. More precisely, some common controlling methods include;

Synchronous and asynchronous controlling

Controlling through a connected computer

Controlling through Wi-Fi or 4G connected devices.

Controlling the cloud controlling method that is supported by online sites and sources that connect the screen with your device through cloud connectivity.

More:Different Between Synchronous and Asynchronous Led Display?

Important Thing To Consider When Buying an Outdoor LED Display:

Lastly, but most importantly, an outdoor LED screen guide can’t be completed without discussing the things you need to consider while buying your own outdoor LED screen, right? So considering that, let’s go ahead and discuss some major factors below:

Pixel Pitch: If you consider LED screens with average to maximum pixel pitch levels, the display quality can be extremely attractive and eye-catching.

LEDs: Of course, the more the LEDs, the better the whole display screen would light up and make every letter and graphic prominent on the screen. But don’t go too overboard in the LED’s quality.

Cabinet Type: This is highly important as specific cabinet types go with specific installing supports. This means that a light cabinet type is preferred for installing the screen on light supports like a pole or metal ropes. Similarly, for heavy cabinet types, the installation support should be considered accordingly.

Size: If you can’t afford a gigantic LED display, it’s better to go for the average-sized screen instead of choosing the tiny ones – so that it can catch the passerby’s attention from even a little distance.

Price: This is another important factor. You can’t ask for every advanced feature and go out of budget too, right? So keep a budget in mind while choosing your options.

Brightness: The better the brightness of the screen, the better it will make even the faraway viewers to easily read the advertisement on it. However, make sure you don’t go for screens with a little too much brightness, as it might not be suitable for a closer audience.

How to Choose the Right LED Display?(Ultimate Guide)

How Much Does an Outdoor LED Display Cost?

This can be a common question to consider before heading out and buying a LED display yourself.

Now when it comes to the prices of outdoor displays, it’s hard to analyze a fixed price, as often at times the prices depend upon the display size, pixel pitch, and other additional features of an LED display. However for an estimated idea, one can consider these outdoor displays to cost anything from $4,400 to $154,000. Sounds like a huge budget difference, right? Well, this difference simply helps to determine that how much budget should be available for investing in a reliable, high quality, and decent sized outdoor display (if you can’t afford a gigantic one).

How much does an LED screen cost?

How Much Does it Cost to Advertise On Digital Billboards?

How to protect these screens from rain and sunlight?

To protect from rain, it is important for installing engineers to make sure that water doesn’t seep inside the screen’s inner electronics. However, in terms of sunlight protection (which is quite critical as sunlight is the biggest enemy of these display screens), you need to ask your digital signage solution providers to figure out a protective solution from the heat.

Maintenance Method of Outdoor LED Screen

There are two type of maintenance method:
Front access maintenance,which is common used for wall-mounted.
Back maintenance,which is common used for roof and pole etc.

Power Supply Voltage of Outdoor LED Screen

There are tree type of input power: 110V,220V or 110V-220V etc

Brands of LED for Outdoor LED display

In general,Nationstar LED and Kinglight LED etc.

Brightness of Outdoor LED Screen

In general,For outdoor fixed installation,more than 5000 cd/m2 are better.

Cabinet Material of Outdoor LED Display

Iron and aluminum alloy cabinet are common used for outdoor led display.

Cabinet Size of Outdoor LED Display

For outdoor fixed installation:960mm*960mm or customized.
For Outdoor rental usage:500mm*500mm or 500mm*1000mm.

Transparent LED Display

Transparent LED display, also known as LED glass screen, is mainly used for architectural glass curtain wall. Vision Led Pro offers perfect solutions with our series of products for indoor events, outdoor advertising and more applications.

Unlike traditional LED displays, Transparent LED Display is a micro-innovation, from SMT manufacturing process, led encapsulation, control systems which have been targeted improvements, and coupled with the hollow design of the structure, reducing the structural member block the line of sight, so that to maximize the perspective effect and meet with the end customer's requirement that would like to maintain the visibility behind the LED display.

Nowadays, many malls and shops want to show off inside their venues to demonstrate their products and brand awareness and get passers-by involved in a new shopping experience. There is no doubt that a transparent LED display is a perfect option.

Advantage of Our Transparent LED Display

High Transparency

From 60% to 90% transparency rate could keep the internal natural lighting and viewing.

Light Weight

Only 10mm thickness of pcb board and 12kg/sqm light weight make easy to install transparent led screen in small space.

High Brightness

High brightness of up to 6500nits ensures perfect visual performance for indoor & outdoor transparent led display.


Vision Led Pro can make the transparent led display into various shapes like cuboid, cylinder, etc. to meet special requirements.

Easy Maintenance

Require replacement of single modules without taking entire led panel—all in one design, easy to do front and back maintenance.

Smart Control

Take control of your transparent led screens with Wifi, APP, and Cloud controlling management.

Transparent Led Video Wall Products for Sale

View More

Fixed LED Display

Fixed led display can't move and installed in a fixed place. But its quality requirements is much higher in an all-weather working environment. We offer series of indoor & outdoor fixed led display screen with light weight, high protection and smart design.

View More

Creative LED Display

In this modern world, unique product design, fueled by both imagination and technology, departs from standard processes and traditional mindsets to innovate stunning, one-of-a-kind structures that boggle the eye. Customized LED Display now go beyond flat in traditional aspect ratios with revolutionary new led products that take your creativity to the next level.

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