A Unique ProduRental Led Screenct Lunch at LDI 2019

2020-12-09 17:01

Live Design International (LDI) is a leading conference and tradeshow for live design professionals from all around the globe.

Taking opportunity, INFiLED held a special product launch in Las Vegas with the idea that connecting design, technology, and production to the live audience experience.

A total of three revolutionary displays have been introduced: HR Series, ART Series and EZ Series

Transportation always counts when it comes to rental displays. And now, we have solution. As a touring version of AR series, ART series achieve highly efficient and convenient stacking with stackable and removable ladders. It’s lightweight and reliability due to the frame combination of carbon fiber and die-casting aluminum.

With the development of display industry, terminal customers have increasingly demanding on display effect. The second new products HR series bring the ultra-high and golden ration to the digital rental market. With the golden ratio of 16:9 and pixel pitch ranging from 0.9mm to 3.1mm, point-to-point 2K, 4K, 8K displays can be easily achieved.

The last introduced is EZ series, it gives consideration to both High-definition and effective, designed specifically for light and efficient set-up experience, EZ uses carbon fiber and innovation materials enable weight loss. Mini LED optional meet higher display effect requirements for rental applications.

The old customers and friends at the scene said that they did not expect to meet our new products in this way, it truly brought them a great surprise.

During the products launch, the visitors ate tasty snacks and drank beverage prepared in advance, enjoyed the happy afternoon together at INFiLED Booth 2259!

Coincide with the theme of live design, INFiLED has always strived to create more immersive projects and better live user-experiences. INFiLED not only delivered stunning visuals with varied textures and booth levels here but also showed creativity and the possibility of more development of Live stage rental in the future.