4K LED Display and RIndoor Led Display eal HDR Launched on N

2020-12-09 17:06

With the successful launch of the first combination of the high-definition 4K LED display screen of INFiLED and Nova HDR processing technology, the NAB Show in the United States has also been successfully completed lasting for 4 days.

For this exhibition, INFiLED exhibited the 4K HD display HD series, the perfect wave solution screen X series and the interactive dance floor DF series.

The leading role HD series is aimed at creating a high-definition visual quality for a small-pitch market, and is the preferred choice for applications such as security monitoring, exhibitions, business, education, and home. With the formal integration into Nova HDR processing technology, its high dynamic range enhances the contrast, wider and richer color space, restores the true feelings of the human eyesight, and makes the audience immersive. This is what the display industry pursues, ‘restore the real horizon and upgrade the display value."

This time on the show, INFiLED HD1.2 accompanied with Novastar 4K control box and A10s receiving card, made it possible to present real HDR to all. INFiLED keeps pursuing to be real, be reliable, and present excellence to the visual world. And now, rely on 4K and HDR solution, we are making it!

What’s more, X series is spoken highly as its perfect wave solution. Its unique horizontal module design differ from others’ and makes it possible to achieve seamless screen. For DF series, which was the first launching interactive dance floor in the market, has influenced the stage greatly also and now even the technology field such as museum, planning halls and etc...

With the successful launch of the 4K+HDR at the NAB show, the LED display industry has entered a new chapter. A media commented that: The LED display has entered the HDR Era! As INFiLED will continue to innovate, pursue the quality, and ensure services, while present the world excellence!