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2020-12-09 17:12

On the occasion of INFiLED 10th anniversary celebration, many customers and partners were invited to the company to participate in the event.

In 18a exhibition Hall, after compotation quite a few cup wines, our staff took the guests to visit 19 building manufacturing center. They made enthusiastic and careful introduction the whole manufacturing process and show some new machines applied recently. After that锛宎ll the guests expressed the systematization and refinement of production process is so impressive

Taking this opportunity, the company also specially held a grand new product launch event, and WP series was officially presented to meet everyone.

The Presenter was Michael. Firstly锛宧e raised a question for everyone to think about. What’s the challenges to be overcome?

Someone responded, too heavy, too thick, not flat, too slow/hard to install, Too fragile and so on. Yes, these are issues indeed worth consideration.

Michael came up with a new fixed Wallpaper High Definition Solutions.

The ultra-thin wallpaper series can be fixed closely onto the wall and achieves to save as much space as it can with its 29.5mm thickness edge. Front installation and front maintenance could be both afforded for easy operation and simple and neat environment. With its 16:9 panel ratio and narrow pixel pitch, it could easily to build 2K and 4K screen. Seamless connecting and high definition solution ensure perfect visual effect of images and videos.

All The visitor said it is a good technical innovation, and its super high performance won the full of praise.

Finally, he said that we will launch the latest rental solution at the LDI booth 2259 in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 22-24, and look forward to seeing everyone!

Special thanks to our partners Vuepix-INFiLED Novastar and Brompton for your sponsorship of the 18a exhibition Hall, thank you!