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BAKO Welcome VisitRental Led Screenors to PROLIGHT+SOUND 201

2020-12-10 10:04

PROLIGHT+SOUND 2018 will be held on 10. – 13. April  , 2018 in Frankfurt am Main
BAKO will exhibited following products
Small Pixel pitch LED Display

Light weight & Slim design

Fan less design

Golden aspect ratio panel size

Cabinet with side quick lock & position pin

Cable free design LED modules

Intelligent LED modules

High gray scale at low brightness

Ultra wide viewing angles

100% Front Maintenance Service

-BAKO Diamond Series  2.0,  P2.97 & P3.91 die-casting Rental LED display
BAKO upgraded module and cabinet for diamond series , now one single type module can much reduce the cost for spare parts .
Hot selling models as following :
a. 500*500mm , curve & without curve die-casting aluminum cabinet ,  apply for indoor & outdoor  (P2.97,P3.91,P4.81,P5.95&P8.92)
b. 500*1000mm , curve & without curve , die-casting aluminum cabinet , apply for indoor & outdoor (P3.91,P4.81,P5.95&P8.92)
-BAKO Spaceship series , P6.4 die-casting outdoor advertising LED display
The cabinet appearance of Spaceship series is designed according to spaceship , giving people the opinion of beautiful and high-level product .

Both module frame and cabinet are die-casting Aluminum , light weight , good heat dissipation and high precision .  



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