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Successful 2018 INFOCIndoor Led Display OMM Fair Set the wor

2020-12-10 10:26

Recently, the three day 2018 INFOCOMM Exhibition was successfully concluded at the convention and exhibition center in Las Vegas. Through the more valuable and beautiful new product , professional technical , and caring service,Bako got great attention in the fair . Most big wholesales have been gone to our booth to enjoy the stunning video effect.  

We were warmly communicating with clients 

Perfect display,flying drone emerging to the market

Ultra high definition small pitch led display-flying drone have extraordinary function,realizing easily the assemble of FHD 4k, 8K screen.Its meticulous image stunned everyone. Standing front the curve big screen, the artistic picture blow against our face, which making you be personally on the scene.

The back of the cabinet is not only light and slim, but also designed by the idea of simple industrial.The hidden line is neat and beautiful. Better heat dissipation, convenient in the disassemble and maintenance,which is the well received by customers.

Guests listened carefully to the advantage of our product.
High quality with competitive price  the second diamond series led display represent the classics of the first series diamond series led display 

Inherit the slim and light concept of diamond series, excellent flatness, wide view angle,stable operating function, perfectly aligned image, wide color gamut, conveniently front & rear side maintenance, accurate curve lock, easily assembly the inner&outer arc led screen.


The cabinet is also compatible with climbing design, anti knock and monitoring functions; Cabinet 500X500 and Cabinet 500X1000 can be mixed or misplaced assembly, a set of module eused flexibly in two cabinets, greatly reducing the cost for customers. 

In addition, the super rigidity and multi angle module protection measures the second generation of diamond rental led display to be used in the floor stage to better meet the market requirements. 


We serve you wholeheartedly by continuing to pursue the great attitude.

Thanks very much for your customer’s support.See you next time!



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