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Ledman Title Sponsors SegRental Led Screenunda Liga and Star

2020-10-30 14:09

On January 25, Ledman, the title sponsor of Segunda Liga and Chinese players overseas study plan press conference was held in Beijing. Pedro Proenca, the president of Liga Portuguesa De Futebol Profissional, Elena Lombardia, the executive marketing director of Liga Portuguesa De Futebol Profissional, Martin Lee, Chairman of the Board and president of Ledman Opotoelectric Co., Ltd., as well as more than 100 guests from sports and media field attended the conference.

Liga Portuguesa De Futebol Profissional includes Super Liga, Segunda Liga, and Portuguese Second League. And Super Liga has now been dynamic ranked by FIFA as the Europe's fifth largest league, which transcends the Championnat de France de football Ligue 1. Cristiano Ronaldo, the world’s famous football star was from the Portuguese league. And the chairman Proenca, once the world’s famous referee, and the 2012 winner of the world's best referee (golden whistle prize), now is the Portuguese football culture promotion ambassador.

Ledman Opotoelectric Co., Ltd. (securities referred to: Ledman, stock code: 300162) is the official sponsor of Chinese Super League and the strategic partner of Chinese Football Association from 2011 to 2016, and also an official sponsor of China League club. Ledman has now become the business operator of Chinese Super League and China League. At the same time, Ledman provides LED advertising and business services for top competitions at home and abroad like CFA Cup, China Team and International Champions Cup. In recent years, Ledman deepens investment in football, comprehensively layouts in football industry chain, and its associated enterprises include Swiss Infront Sports Media Group, LeiManKaixing Sports Culture Foundation, Shenzhen Renren Football Club, Beijing Ledman the 12th Technology Co., Ltd., etc.

According to Chairman of the Board of Ledman Martin Lee’s introduction on the conference, Ledman and Liga Portuguesa De Futebol Profissional’s strategic cooperation contents include but not limited to: Ledman is the exclusive title sponsor of Segunda Liga, and from the date of signing, Segunda Liga will be officially named as Ledman Proliga. And Ledman obtains a series of business cooperation rights, also becomes the first Chinese company that title sponsors the European football league; Ledman will send 10 players and 3 assistant coaches to play football in the top 10 clubs of Segunda Liga, and devotes to enhancing the level of Chinese players.

The cooperation between Ledman and Liga Portuguesa De Futebol Profissional, creates a new mode of Chinese brand company internationalization business cooperation, which will promote Chinese and Portuguese’s football business cooperation and football culture in-depth exchanges, and promotes the growth of the Chinese players at the same time, which has positive significance in improving the level of Chinese football.

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