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2020-10-30 14:10

The development of Chinese football has been given adequate attention in the previous two years. With Chinese national football team became the top 12 of Asia's 2018 World Cup qualifiers, the whole football industry over the whole world is busy assisting Chinese enterprises to help Chinese National Football Team to go further in the World Cup.

Ledman, a listed company which focuses on football industrial chain, followed this good momentum and announced recently that it had placed assets of Infront Sports & Media AG which were held by previous controlling shareholder into the listed company. At the beginning of 2016, Ledman accelerated its pace in rearranging the distribution of its football resources. It had become the title sponsor of Segunda Liga of Portugal, started Players Development Project in the meanwhile and got the largest metro media business in China. This time, assets invested to Infront has been transferred to the listed company which has become the key component of the whole football industry chain of Ledman.

When we have a look at the territory of football globally, we can find that the peak lies in Europe which is controlling all top resources while Africa and Latin America becomes the sources of raw materials in which stars were sending to Five Leagues. However, China got few profits but produce almost all related merchandise. In order to rise, Chinese football must get to upstream of the whole industry and take Europe as our aim and Infront as the Everest that we must face.

Making an inventory of current business of Ledman, it’s easy to find highlights such as business resources of Chinese Super League and China League, internet platform for football fans, Shenzhen Renren F.C., the 12th Man App, the largest metro media business in China, but we still need a golden key to integrate all the resources, break unbalanced structure of domestic football industry and upgrade gradually. The measure to cut resources of Infront into listed company can be likened to build a ropeway between Mount Everest and North China Plain, potential energy it brought may be remarkable so as to activate current businesses and finish the last step and give out light eventually.

Infront has made a long-term cooperative relationship globally with hundreds of sponsors who are long-standing sponsors and understand football. The rise of Chinese football will surely attract attention these sponsors and bring some clients for Ledman’s business resources of Chinese Super League, China League and Portuguese Ledman Ligapro. In our cooperation with Portugal professional football league, Infront will help Ledman in brokerages of training young players. As we all know, the key to measure and find good players lies in their personal data. Infront, as database and archives of FIFA, provides top matches as stages for young players. Besides, Infront’s cooperation in football field spreads across the world including German Football Association, Italian Football Association, AC Milan, while Ledman has deep cooperation with almost all clubs in Chinese Super League and China League. Combination of Infront and Ledman brings us full of imagination in business of broker. HBS, sports TV of Infront with abundant media resources, has been the main rebroadcast for the World Cup for a long time, which may give support to online products and metro media in contents.

Top resources owned by the Infront will coordinate with Ledman’s overall arrangement. Against the background China’s becoming top 12 of Asia's 2018 World Cup qualifiers and host 2022 Olympic Winter Games, Infront will be a giant which cannot be ignored in Chinese sports industry. For company like Ledman which focuses on Chinese football industry, the significance of putting assets into Infront lies in consistent learning and exploring new chances so as to forward to upstream and upgrade the industrial chain. Infront tried to engage in the operation of Chinese football team as early as 2006 and they had made CBA the most valuable sports IP together with Chinese Super League. It has sufficient experiences in China and unique global perspective while Ledman is endowed with local resources and great ambition to go global. Nice beginning of our story is ready, let’s wait to witness miracles!


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