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2015/2016 Season of LedmaIndoor Led Display n Ligapro Has Be

2020-10-30 14:17

Porto B successfully has won the championship of Ledman Ligapro, Ledman Ligapro will have Chinese players to play in the field in next season.

Oporto B won the 2015 / 16 season championship of Ledman Ligapro

With the end of round 46 of Portugal second level of professional football league --Ledman Ligapro. 2015 / 16 season has a perfect ending; Porto B team successfully climbed to the top of the Portuguese League and became the first B team who won the champion of professional league. Next season, there are figures of the Chinese players to be appeared in the Portuguese football field.

January 2016, Ledman became the title sponsor of Portuguese Segunda Liga. Chairman Lee of Ledman is a great football fan with responsibility and passion and willing to make efforts for Chinese football. Chairman Lee organized a meeting for discussing the football Player Development Project with President Proenca of Portuguese Professional Football League and relevant officials. Player Development Project (PDP) is that Ledman will select around 10 football players and 3 coaches and send these players to Portugal for playing in Ledman Ligapro.

At present, in order to ensure the smooth material of the Player Development Project and the quality of the players, Ledman hired Portuguese experienced soccer scout and coach Paulo R. Mr. Cardoso. Mr. Cardoso is working as a coach and scout for nearly 30 years, has a close relationship with the Portuguese football clubs in Liga Nos and Ledman Ligapro as well as with football clubs in Europe and South America. From 1995 to 2006, He is working in academy of Portuguese Super League club Sporting Lisbon FC. It is really important to tell that Mr. Cardoso found the Portuguese superstar C-Ronaldo, C-Ronaldo was from a small island called “Madeira”, and Mr.Cardoso find him than bring him to Sporting Lisbon football academy for training, Mr Cardoso is also the first coach and first technical reporter who wrote the first technical report for C-Ronaldo. From the age of 12 to 17 years old of C-Ronaldo in Sporting Lisbon football academy, Mr. Cardoso has served as mentor of C-Ronaldo and responsible for the daily training as well. Whenever while Mr. Cardoso mentioned C-Ronaldo, he always said with proud: "In my first assessment report at that time, clearly pointed out that CR7 (I like to call him as this) has natural talent for football and his skills for controlling ball, speed, personal ability to break through, for the goal of desire and strong self-confidence turned me on, from the first time I saw him play for a trial, I know that we will have a super football star, he is CR7. In addition to his success in football, his is also very commendable, after he became famous, he never forgot his old friends, always giving help; CR7 never forget where he was from. Yes, never forgot."

The first copy of C-Ronaldo Technical Report

Mr. Cardoso (left) and C-Ronaldo and his parents

Because of Mr. Cardoso, 2016/2017 season of Ledman Ligapro is very expected indeed, Let’s cheer for Chinese players will be in Ledman Ligapro with their wonderful performance and the efforts Ledman has made to this project!

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